Palo Alto Publishing Publishes "Countdown to 9/11" by Robert Schopmeyer

Sep 09, 2011, 12:23 ET from Palo Alto Publishing

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a follow up to "Prior Knowledge of 9/11," first published in October 2006, Palo Alto Publishing is releasing "Countdown to the attacks on 9/11" the most detailed account to date on  how and why the CIA and FBI HQ deliberately allowed the attacks on 9/11 by Robert Schopmeyer. Five years ago, the now iconic work by Schopmeyer clearly laid the blame for withholding the information on Mihdhar and Hazmi from the FBI at the feet of Richard Blee, Cofer Black and George Tenet. This conclusion was recently confirmed by one of the people right at the very center of this horrific disaster, Richard Clarke.

Schopmeyer, using only official U.S. government documents, again is able to clearly show that not only were Blee, Black and Tenet involved but why they under took this massive criminal conspiracy in the first place. When Walid Bin Attash had been positively identified on January 4, 2001 from photos taken at the Kuala Lumpur al Qaeda planning meeting, the CIA immediately realized Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi had also been at that meeting planning the bombing of the USS Cole with bin Attash. The CIA had photographed these terrorists at this meeting and let them all walk away with no further surveillance.  The CIA thought if this information ever got out it, would make them look criminally culpable in allowing the attack on the USS Cole. The CIA groups criminally withholding this information from the FBI Cole bombing investigators were the Yemen station, the Pakistan station and the Bin Laden unit under Richard Blee and Cofer Black. The only common denominator between these groups was George Tenet, indicating this criminal conspiracy to hide this information from the FBI was directed by George Tenet himself.

On July 23, 2001, Tom Wilshire, who was moved from the CIA to the FBI in mid-May 2001, realized that Mihdhar would take part in the next big al Qaeda attack, and sent this information to his managers at the CIA Blee, Black and Tenet, and requested permission in email a second time to give this information to the FBI. Both of his requests were denied.

On August 22, 2001, Mihdhar and Hazmi were discovered inside of the U.S., information that went immediately to FBI HQ to Wilshire and Dina Corsi and to Blee, Black and Tenet the very next day. All of these people knew a huge al Qaeda attack was about to take place inside of the U.S. and most  knew that Mihdhar and Hazmi were going to take part in this attack, but this information was kept secret from Bongardt and his FBI Cole bombing investigators.  

On August 24, 2001 Tenet flew down to Crawford for an urgent six hour meeting with the President, a meeting Tenet desperately tried to keep secret by lying to the 9/11 Commission at the April 14, 2004 9/11 Commission public hearings.  No one knows, even to today, what Tenet told Bush about Mihdhar and Hazmi at this meeting.

Corsi and Middleton, her supervisor, shut down Bongardt's investigation of Mihdhar and Hazmi on August 28, 2001, after Bongardt accidentally found out that Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the U.S.  Wilshire, and the high level CIA managers secretly directing his efforts, knew that this would block the only FBI investigation that could have prevented the al Qaeda attack they all had been warned about.

The 9/11 Commission and the main stream media had all of the exact same publically available documents this author had, but deliberately failed to detail this account accurately claiming instead that the CIA simply did not share information with the FBI.  The information of a massive criminal conspiracy was hidden by ignoring clear evidence or by obfuscation the information that was available. This renders the 9/11 Commission report as a complete fraud, and exposes the main stream media for their complete cowardice and monumental treachery against the American people. If the real reasons the 9/11 attacks were allowed to take place are kept secret, the American people can never be safe.

"Countdown to 9/11" can be found on Amazon as a Kindle book for only $2.99.

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