Pantheon Announces 750th Agency Partner

Pantheon's New Program for Creative Agencies and Dev Shops Delivers Unprecedented Tools for Website Management and Collaboration

May 12, 2015, 08:00 ET from Pantheon

LOS ANGELES, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Drupalcon 2015 -- Pantheon, the largest website management platform for Drupal and Wordpress sites, announced today that 750 creative agencies and dev shops have signed on to become Pantheon partners. Since the release of Pantheon for Agencies in February, over 350 new agencies have joined Pantheon's partner program and are standardizing on Pantheon to build, launch, and manage client websites. The product offering is the first of its kind, supporting both Drupal and WordPress and giving digital agencies tools to manage all of their of client projects.

"We did six big website launches in three weeks," said John Studdard, Big Couch Media, Principal and Co-Founder. "There's no way we would have been able to achieve that before Pantheon. The ability to make quick updates, to push code quickly, and to determine what's changed allowed our team to scale in real time."

Agencies are driving a new wave of innovation that is delivering engaging user experiences for companies around the world. Pantheon's goal is to support them with a platform designed for complex projects and used by large agency teams to foster better long-term collaboration with clients. The company is helping hundreds of agencies, like Alley Interactive and NorthPoint Digital, successfully launch thousands of large-scale websites without investing heavily in DevOps hiring and infrastructure.

Pantheon partners use Pantheon for Agencies for free. It's the most robust version of the company's product offering and includes developer tools and built-in workflow, automated DevOps, role management, and the fastest hosting available for WordPress and Drupal sites. Agencies on the platform are able to focus on strategic business growth by minimizing non-billable hours spent on Sysadmin work, taking on larger and better projects, and building a stronger website support revenue stream.

James Raddock, Director of Operational Strategy and Finance at DOOR3 explains, "We migrated a really big site to Pantheon in under ten hours. Now the site scales up in software, without any downtime. Pantheon cuts down IT overhead so our business can use those dollars to drive growth."

"Agencies large and small are the new king-makers in a world where everyone is becoming a software company," said Zack Rosen, Pantheon, Co-Founder and CEO. "Pantheon for Agencies gives agencies the specific set of tools they need to create, build, and launch innovative websites for their clients. Our quick growth speaks to a growing need for tools to support the agencies that drive the Drupal and WordPress communities and the internet as a whole."

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