Paper Eskimo Brings Ethics to Style

Truly great companies combine vision and ethics together to create a culture that is not only innovative, progressive, and forward thinking, but also morally sound. Paper Eskimo is just such a company. In their relentless pursuit of style, and creativity

Nov 03, 2015, 07:00 ET from Paper Eskimo

PHOENIX, Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Paper Eskimo believes its commitment to style ethics even further elevates the quality of its products from those of others.


Paper Eskimo was born nearly 11 years ago. It was created as an Australian company with a commitment to supporting local Australian businesses. The standard for ethics was established early. As many other lines began moving their production overseas, Paper Eskimo steadfastly stood by its commitment to growing the local infrastructure. Paper Eskimo believed that the production of high-quality products, and the support of local labor was of paramount importance.

To date, Paper Eskimo's commitment to ethics has not changed. Eventually immense market pressure forced the company to move its production away from Australia. This began an extensive, multi-year long process of global bridge building, in an effort to find alternative sources of production who held the same commitment to quality, and fair labor practices as Paper Eskimo.

Eventually, through the use of a global network, Paper Eskimo found what they needed. A partnership with a group of American business leaders was born. Liaisons with international producers were created. Standards for practice and production were set in place.

All Paper Eskimo products are made using the highest quality components, and treated to ensure that they are food safe. Every detail is accounted for, from the type of ink which is used in dyeing, to the type of coating which is applied to each paper product. The dedication to quality, and the commitment to the use of innovative production techniques grant Paper Eskimo products some incredible qualities. Each paper party product is astoundingly durable. Paper Eskimo baking cups are oven safe up to 400 degrees. Retro paper straws do not degrade in liquids.

Paper Eskimo retains its ongoing commitment to ethics in the world of style and design. Sacrifices will never be made. Consumers may always rest easy knowing that Paper Eskimo party products have been produced with absolute dedicated to positive business practices.

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Paper Eskimo's award-winning designs have created joy and memories to many celebrations around the world for the past 10 years. Leading the market with a unique and stylish vision, Paper Eskimo has changed the way people celebrate their events.

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