Paper Eskimo Launches Cutting Edge Digital Advertising Campaign

Paper Eskimo is a leader in the world of boutique style paper party products. They set the industry standard for quality, creativity and innovation. In an effort to see their brand reach as many people around the globe as possible, Paper Eskimo has teamed with digital advertising agency Helix House and launched a cutting edge digital advertising campaign.

Nov 13, 2015, 07:00 ET from Paper Eskimo

PHOENIX, Nov. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The world is increasingly moving away from analog content. Many businesses have already had to learn the hard way. A reliance on traditional mediums like paper, radio, and television is no longer enough. Businesses who are committed to success understand that digital advertising is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Paper Eskimo is just such a company. They understand that E-commerce is the future. Companies are no longer limited by location. Consumers no longer find businesses by walking through the front door. They discover them through their search bar.

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Paper Eskimo has a mission to turn life in to a celebration. Upon the creation of the company, the two founders Lama Perin and Michelle Farrington surveyed the current paper party products market and found it lacking. They saw bland products, which were poorly made, and lacked any creativity. To them, this was unacceptable. They believed that parties should be exceptional. They should be bright and fun. They should inspire people.

Paper Eskimo paper party products started transforming boring parties into stylish, elegant extravaganzas all across Australia where they were founded. That still wasn't enough. The founders of Paper Eskimo wanted their products to be able to touch people everywhere in the world. To make sure that would happen, they realized they needed to launch a digital advertising campaign.

The digital advertising combines the complexities of science with the vagaries of art. It is multifaceted enterprise. Digital advertising agencies must not only master relevant modern advertising techniques, they must also peer into the future, adapt, and anticipate new trends. Paper Eskimo understands the necessity of being avant garde.

"For us, this is mostly about trying to reach as many people as possible. The world has shrunk. With the right digital advertising campaign we can reach people in Australia, America, and Asia all on the same day. We are not limited by offices or store fronts. As long as we make use of a creative and intelligent team, we are not limited by anything. Although our business may be defined by paper, I don't want our ambitions to be limited by anything," said Joanna Palmer of Paper Eskimo.

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Paper Eskimo's award-winning designs have created joy and memories to many celebrations around the world for the past 10 years. Leading the market with a unique and stylish vision, Paper Eskimo has changed the way people celebrate their events.

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