Parker & Sons Encourages Winter Tune-Ups

Temperatures are plummeting, and winter is setting in. Phoenix has already had to suffer through a number of evenings in which the temperature dipped below 40 degrees F. If homeowners shivering through the night and suffering under piles of blankets, they may want to consider turning on their furnace or heater.

Dec 21, 2015, 07:00 ET from Parker & Sons

PHOENIX, Dec. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Before individuals turn on their heaters, they should schedule a tune-up with a skilled and knowledgeable heating professional. Parker & Sons advises that this is a crucial step to take. Homeowners who fail to tune-up their heating unit, could face a breakdown and thousands of dollars of repairs.

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Parker & Sons would like to educate Phoenix homeowners and renters as to the importance of scheduling a heating system tune-up. Primarily, there is a safety concern. Furnaces and most other heating units burn fuel to produce heat. This is a potentially dangerous process. Even a small fuel leak could result in a massive home fire. An inspection and tune-up will catch and problems before they have a chance to grow and become serious.

Additionally, a heating system tune-up will check for proper airflow throughout the duct system. If air ducts are blocked or restricted in any way, unnecessary stress will be placed on the heating system which could lead to further repairs or shorten the lifespan of the unit.

A skilled technician with a keen eye may also be able to increase the energy efficiency of the unit. This could be accomplished by a task as simple as cleaning important furnace parts.

Parker & Sons cautions homeowners on a concern they may not initially be aware of. Many manufacturer's warranties will be considered void if a heater does not undergo regular maintenance. Most manufacturers require yearly maintenance at a minimum. It is always best for homeowners to check with their specific manufacturer. 

"During the brutal summer months, it is common for people living in Phoenix to forget about winter. They think it will never get cold again. Then, when December hits, they are caught completely off guard. They go to turn on their heater, and surprise, it doesn't work anymore! This is why we encourage yearly maintenance and regular winter tune-ups," said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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