Partnership Aims to Boost Early Education Reading and Comprehension Skills

Award-Winning Reading Program by Waterford Now Available on Promethean Planet

Jan 13, 2010, 08:00 ET from Promethean

Orlando, Fla., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A new partnership announced today at the Florida Education Technology Conference makes available, for the first time, Waterford's award-winning, proven education programs to the more than 500,000 members of Promethean Planet, world's largest online community for users of interactive learning technology.

Waterford Institute, a global nonprofit research organization focused on student-centered educational solutions, has teamed with Promethean, a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive learning technology, to create a new set of ActivLessons early education teachers can use to help students boost reading comprehension.

The new Waterford Phonological Awareness ActivLessons features a sing-along nursery rhyme, clickable illustrations, as well as researched teaching strategies designed to help students distinguish sounds when spoken. For students who need help strengthening vocabulary and sequencing skills, teachers can use the Waterford Reading Comprehension ActivLessons that features beautifully-illustrated traditional stories to help students develop strategies to comprehend and discuss what they are reading.

"Developing Waterford ActivLessons for Promethean Planet community will allow us to adapt our proven early reading content into new, exciting teacher tools.  By harnessing the unique features of the ActivClassroom, such as ActivInspire, ActiVote/ActivExpression and ActivSound, we can partner with teachers to help students develop skills in phonological awareness and reading comprehension," said Benjamin Heuston, COO and President of Waterford Institute.

Each of the ActivLessons will be available in bundles of three, individually, or by series on Promethean Planet.  Waterford also will feature the ActivLessons on its new ecommerce website.

"We are delighted to work with world-class content experts like Waterford in creating classroom ActivLessons that address critical skills, such as vocabulary and reading comprehension," commented Brent Taggart, Chief Strategy Officer. "The ActivLessons improve learning in the classroom by offering multiple options for student engagement and educator adaptability."

Founded in 1976, Waterford Institute has focused on creating student-centered educational technologies that have been delivered individually. This new partnership with Promethean signals Waterford's desire to also provide technological solutions for whole classroom instruction.

Waterford Institute employs rigorous research to build award-winning, proven educational programs like Waterford Early Reading Program™ and Waterford Early Math and Science™.  Waterford programs have improved education for millions of children around the world.

About Promethean:

Promethean - Lighting the flame of learning

Promethean's aim is to unlock the potential of human achievement in education and training at all ages around the world.  It does so by creating, developing, supplying and supporting leading edge, interactive learning technology and by encouraging the growth of the world's largest online teacher community in this field.  In these ways, Promethean is helping bring to life the promise of 21st century learning, improving engagement and results for learners and teachers alike.

The market for interactive learning technology is fast growing and global. In this market, Promethean is a world leader.  Developed by teachers for teachers, Promethean's ActivClassroom brings together its interactive display systems (ActivBoard), its Learner Response Systems (ActiVote and ActivExpression), and its suite of specialized teaching software (ActivInspire). They change how teachers and classes engage and interact, how students learn and how they are monitored and assessed.

Beyond the classroom, Promethean provides comprehensive training and support and, with over 500,000 members, the rapidly growing Promethean Planet ( is the world's largest online community for users of interactive learning technology, providing user-generated and premium content and is a forum for teachers to exchange ideas and experience. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in nine countries, Promethean's technology is today helping educate over 12 million individuals in over 500,000 classrooms in some 100 countries.

About Waterford

Waterford Institute ( is a nonprofit research center dedicated to providing every child with the finest education through the development of high-quality educational models, programs, and software. Founded by Dr. Dustin Heuston more than thirty years ago in New York City, the Waterford Institute has developed partnerships with international companies to distribute its award-winning educational software. As an educator, Dr. Heuston's goal is to provide both educational excellence and equity to all children through harnessing the power of new technologies in order to supplement school experience. Waterford has been a pioneer in interactive training using computers and videodiscs. Waterford built the first educational videodisc in history for McGraw Hill as well as the first educational videodisc for the National Science Foundation. In its thirty-year history, Waterford has invested more than $130 million in its software and programs. Today, Waterford is the nation's leader in preschool through grade two software for reading, math, and science programs, with over half a million children across the United States using Waterford programs.

Waterford Institute is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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