Partnership Growth Fuels Success for OS33 as MSPs Shift to the Cloud

Sep 13, 2011, 08:35 ET from OS33

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OS33, the leading IT-as-a-Service Delivery Platform for MSPs, today announced a 166% growth in the number of domestic and international partners versus the previous quarter, rapidly driving the company's partner base as MSPs increasingly adopt the OS33 platform to deliver and sell comprehensive cloud services to their customers.


Demand for OS33, a cloud-services platform which integrates infrastructure, application hosting, services delivery, and a cloud-based Webtop into a single solution, is being triggered by the growth of MSPs looking to shift their managed services to the cloud, as well as demand for its flagship product, the OS33 Webtop, a cloud-based alternative to the older hosted desktop and VDI concept.  OS33's recent success includes 9 new MSP partners in July alone, and global partnerships across Canada, Ireland, U.K. and Australia. Additionally, OS33 reports its platform now has the potential to reach 240,000 end points – up 125 percent in a six-month period.

The comprehensive OS33 platform provides an immediate gateway for MSPs to move into the cloud services market, and is quickly becoming the cloud platform for MSPs across the world. One of the newest OS33 partners is Eduro Networks,  a leading Mid-Atlantic based provider of managed connectivity services including broadband data, voice, storage and network security solutions for businesses.  "Eduro chose OS33 based on its ability to deliver a flexible low-cost platform, which allowed Eduro to go-to-market quickly without the cost and time to build our own Cloud infrastructure, marketing and tools," says Ken Ober, Director of Product, Sales & Marketing.

Market forces are driving many MSPs to actively pursue cloud delivery platforms, and OS33 is on a path to continue new partnerships with service providers looking to quickly convert to a cloud services model.  "While more end-user companies are looking for an easier way to adopt cloud computing for their businesses, more MSPs are faced with the challenges of aggregating and integrating cloud services on their behalf," said Jacob Kazakevich, OS33 President.  "We feel that OS33's ability to bridge the gap between multiple cloud services empowers MSPs to transition their traditional MSP practice to a cloud brokerage model, and deliver fully-packaged cloud-based IT with the features, reliability, and security that SMBs and enterprises demand."

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