Passageways Embeds dtSearch in its Financial Industry Portal Solutions to Optimize Data Searching for Banks, Credit Unions and Insurance Companies

Sep 18, 2012, 08:00 ET from dtSearch Corp.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. and BETHESDA, Md., Sept, 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Passageways LLC., provider of enterprise employee and board portals for the financial industry, and dtSearch Corp., supplier of enterprise and developer search technology and document filters, announce the integration of the dtSearch Engine into Passageways' portal product line.  The integration leverages the dtSearch Engine's broad data support and full-text search capabilities to optimize searching within Passageways' portal products for the financial industry. 

Passageways' Portal Solutions.  Passageways' portal solutions allow its financial industry customers to establish a collaborative and efficient work environment.  The company's products are fully scalable to accommodate banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions of all sizes.  Collaborative solutions that Passageways offers include:  employee intranet portals, board portals, community portals, vendor management portals, lobby management portals, and learning management portals.

The dtSearch Engine.  The dtSearch Engine makes available to developers dtSearch's proprietary document filters and instant searching across terabytes of data.  Supported data types include databases; static and dynamic web data; and "Office," PDF, HTML, XML, ZIP, emails (with nested attachments) and other file types.  The product offers 25+ fielded and full-text search options, with hit-highlighting in all above data formats.  The SDK spans native 64-bit and 32-bit Windows and Linux, including Java, C++ and .NET (through 4.x) APIs.

Passageways' Portals Embedding the dtSearch Engine.  To enhance full-text searching within its portal solutions, Passageways elected to embed the dtSearch Engine.  "This implementation increases the effectiveness of these solutions 10-fold by enabling users to quickly find documents within the portal," says Tim Randall, Product Manager at Passageways.  "Feedback on the dtSearch Engine integration into our solutions has been nothing short of pure excitement."

"dtSearch welcomes the opportunity to work with Passageway in helping Passageways' financial customers sift through their portal data," says Kate Tretter, Director of Operations at dtSearch Corp.  "We look forward to working with Passageways as well as they expand beyond banking institutions to serve other markets such as universities and hospitals."

About Passageways LLC.
Passageways was founded in 2003 with the vision to "provide the platform for shaping enterprise and industry knowledge into new successes."  Today the company is an industry-leading provider of collaborative portal solutions.  The company has successfully delivered over 300 portals to credit unions, community banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and CUSOs. For more information, please call 1-765-497-8823, email, or visit

About dtSearch Corp.
The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, dtSearch offers over 21 years of experience in parsing and searching data.  The dtSearch product line includes enterprise and developer text search products, meeting some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world.  dtSearch products have received hundreds of excellent case studies and press reviews.  (Please see for these.)  The company has distributors worldwide, including coverage on six continents.  For more information, or to download fully-functional evaluations, please call 1-800-IT-FINDS (or 301/263-0731), email, or visit

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