Pastor Geronimo Aguilar Highlights Link Between Bible Study, Community Involvement

A Bible study in Florida has won attention from the media for shifting its focus to community service. It has also won the attention of Pastor Geronimo Aguilar, who praises the link between study and action.

May 01, 2012, 06:00 ET from Pastor Geronimo Aguilar

RICHMOND, Va., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In some religious circles, there is a disparity between study and action; faith is regarded as an intellectual endeavor, but not necessarily one that translates into real-world behavior. For other organizations, faith and action are impossible to separate. Such is the case with New Leaf Christian Ministries, a religious organization that has won media attention for shifting its focus from Bible study and reflection to community outreach. And members of the press are not the only ones who are impressed with what New Leaf is doing. The organization has also caught the eye of Virginia pastor Geronimo Aguilar, who praises the group's focus on community involvement.

New Leaf began its existence not as a community outreach ministry, but rather as a private, home-based Bible study group. The Bible study group changed its focus, however, and eventually become an incorporated non-profit organization, devoted to providing services to members of the community struggling with poverty, hunger, or homelessness.

That Bible study and religious faith would stir this kind of passion for community outreach is something that draws the praise of Pastor Geronimo Aguilar. "It's such a breathe of fresh air to see other pastors and ministries who share the same heart that I have, going outside of the four walls of the church," the pastor enthuses

He goes on to note that this same spirit that characterizes New Leaf Christian Ministries also marks his own organization, a Virginia church called The Richmond Outreach Center, or The ROC.

"Outreach is such an important part of ministry and is what defines The ROC," Pastor Geronimo Aguilar explains. "We have over 150 ministries that take place every single month, ranging from Bible Studies to outreach. All of these ministries have the same goal in mind, which is reaching the lost."

The ROC itself began as a community outreach ministry, and was eventually transformed into a church, albeit one that heavily focuses on service within the community. New Leaf Christian Ministries has taken a nearly opposite course; what began as a Bible study, shared by six families, eventually became something else entirely when the members realized they all had a burning desire to serve in their community.

The ministry, which currently has about fifty members, brings its spirit of service to various endeavors within the community, ranging from homeless shelters to food drives throughout the local Florida area.


Pastor Geronimo Aguilar is the founding pastor at The Richmond Outreach Center, an independent, non-denominational church in Richmond, Virginia. Dubbed "The ROC" by members, this organization has over 150 ministries that provide assistance, fellowship, and other services to members and nonmembers alike. As a result, this church has had a significant, positive impact on its community. The Richmond Outreach Center was founded in 2001 and continues to provide worship, fellowship, and Bible study to its followers. As the church continues to grow, its positive impact on the community and its members will expand.

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SOURCE Pastor Geronimo Aguilar