Patent Dispute Causes "Tickle Lipo" to Announce the End of Production by January 1, 2012

Nov 11, 2011, 05:30 ET from MicroAire Surgical Instruments LLC

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Using the term "nutation" to describe its product's  reciprocating action was not enough for "Tickle Lipo" to avoid a patent dispute with MicroAire Surgical Instruments.

MicroAire, which owns patents on Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), received a letter last month from attorneys representing Euromi, maker of "Tickle Lipo," in which the company says it is prepared to discontinue sales of its Lipomatic device no later than the last week of December 2011. This decision by Euromi comes as a direct result of patent-infringement claims made by MicroAire against Euromi, and despite Euromi's formal denial of those claims.

MicroAire has multiple patents covering reciprocating-cannula liposuction, which it employs in its popular PAL device.  The term "reciprocating" covers any back-and-forth movement, including the so-called "nutating" movement used by Euromi's Lipomatic device, which is also known by the name "Tickle Lipo."

"PAL technology is a legitimate breakthrough in tissue aspiration and cell harvesting," said Arthur Pike, General Manager of MicroAire Aesthetics, "and MicroAire will continue to defend its patents against any companies that attempt to copy our products."

Surgeon testimonials and clinical studies indicate that PAL technology offers unique benefits that cannot be matched by other lipo-aspiration systems. Studies indicate that tissue harvested using PAL technology yields higher cell viability, which is important for adipose reinjection; and there is evidence that PAL technology also yields higher stem-cell counts, which is important for adipose derived regenerative therapies.

According to a 2011 survey of over 1,700 surgeon-members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), MicroAire's PAL is the most widely used and most preferred alternative to manual liposuction. The survey also indicates that fat removal technologies such as laser and mesotherapy were associated with a disproportionately higher rate of complications, compared with PAL.

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