Patent Trolls on the Attack? Adli Law Group P.C. and Dr. Dariush Adli have a Webinar for You

Non-practicing entities that sue unsuspecting patent holders for infringement are a threat to your company's finances, but they can be fought

Apr 18, 2013, 20:09 ET from Adli Law Group P.C.

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all heard of the fairytale trolls that live under bridges and, if we spend enough time on Internet messages boards, we know of the trolls that provoke people into pointless arguments. Adli Law Group P.C. is here to warn about a third and far more expensive species of troll. These trolls know how to patent an idea and file lawsuits based on allegedly pre-existing patents that defendants were, very likely, entirely unaware of prior to being sued. A free online video webinar featuring Adli Law Group's founder and noted business attorney, Dr. Dariush Adli, describes the phenomenon of patent trolls and what companies can do about them. The webinar can be joined via the link that follows and is called "How to Deal With Patent Trolls in Patent Litigation."

Ask any knowledgeable patent attorney, and they'll tell you that patent trolls come in numerous shapes and sizes. However, they all share in common the fact that they own pre-existing patents and then search for companies with sufficiently similar patents. Sometimes these patent troll companies are explicitly set up for the purpose of generating income; in other cases, they are companies that have failed with a product and are looking for start-up funds for a new product by suing companies with products that appear similar to the old one. Others are brand new start-ups taking advantage of the law to generate funds.

Fortunately, there are a number of highly effective legal approaches to dealing with this problem and they are described in detail in Dr. Adli's presentation. A famed litigation attorney with a doctorate in engineering and physics, Dr. Adli is widely regarded as one of the nation's most important authorities on intellectual property (IP) law, as well as matters specifically pertaining to patents. His seminar details the steps companies that have been saddled with patent infringement suits by non-practicing entities can take. Rather than going into panic mode, the best approach is to contact experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel that understands exactly how to deal with this serious, but easily survivable, threat to your business.

The seminar goes into detail on a number of fascinating matters, including some of the telltale signs of patent troll litigation, such as the tendency to sue several smaller companies and a few very large ones with deep pockets at the same time. As explained in the webinar, the tactics of patent trolls can be fairly diabolical, but they are far from foolproof. For example, they often file the cases in certain regions of the country – e.g., Tyler, Texas and San Francisco, California – that have been shown to be more sympathetic to perceived small inventors and less sympathetic to established firms. Dr. Adli describes how it is possible to change the location of these trials as one of many techniques of countering troll litigation.

There is no getting around the fact that patent trolls can be an expensive challenge for companies, especially high tech and/or electronics companies. However, with the help of thoughtful and experienced legal counsel, the costs can be significantly limited and Adli Law Group's free webinar explains how. 

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