Patient Comfort a Key Benefit of Vein Visualization

Over 275 Hospitals Now Using the AccuVein AV300 Vein Finder

Jun 29, 2010, 10:03 ET from AccuVein LLC

COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- AccuVein announced today that its groundbreaking AV300 vein illumination device has been installed in more than 275 hospitals throughout the United States, less than 12 months after the product began shipping.   Among the prestigious hospitals that have adopted the AV300 for venipuncture applications is Scottsdale Healthcare based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"Drawing blood or starting an IV on a child can be challenging because their veins may be difficult to locate. We take extra care with our pediatric patients and the AccuVein AV300 devices help us provide another personalized touch to aid in their comfort," said Emily Shumway, RN, manager of pediatric services at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center.

The AccuVein AV300 helps healthcare professionals locate veins for blood draw, IV infusion and blood donation by projecting a pattern of light on patient's skin that reveals the position of underlying veins.  This 10-ounce, hand-held device is available with a range of hands-free options so that it can quickly free the practitioner's hands to perform the venipuncture.

"Patient satisfaction is front and center in the minds of hospital staff," said AccuVein marketing vice president Vinny Luciano.  "Since venipuncture is the most common invasive medical procedure, it is crucial that hospitals are getting the combined benefit of improved patient care and cost savings by deploying the AV300 for vein visualization."

In addition to hospitals, AccuVein sells to a wide variety of healthcare facilities such as blood donation centers, EMS facilities and blood labs around the world.  The AV300 is available for sale in more than 45 countries (see up-to-date list on the company website).

About AccuVein

AccuVein LLC is a supplier of innovative, cutting-edge medical devices. The AV300 is a breakthrough product, allowing health care providers to see a map of the position of peripheral veins on the skin's surface with the goal of helping to improve venipuncture procedures. Built using AccuVein's expertise in medical device miniaturization and user-intuitive design, the AV300 is the world's first portable, non-contact vein illumination solution. AccuVein has filed applications for more than a dozen patents on the AV300's technology.

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