Patientory Fuels Disruption In Industry With The Best 2016 Mobile App For Health History Tracking

Patientory fuels disruption in healthcare technology with its innovative approach to health history tracking.

Dec 22, 2015, 10:13 ET from Patientory

ATLANTA, Dec. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Patientory, the recently launched healthcare app that is changing the way patients track their health history, is fueling a major healthcare technology disruption. The healthcare startup brings to the industry advanced technologies that will bring unmatched convenience to patients and the medical profession.

"We are proud to announce that Patientory is now available to patients and can be used to create their profile and track their health history," says the CEO, Chrissa McFarlane. "Patientory is so comprehensive and sophisticated that it is the only app patients will ever need to keep track of various medical incidents in their life. They can now take their health into their own hands and store and access all medical related information independently."

Patientory has been launched by one of the leading Atlanta tech startups. It is a user-friendly app that can dramatically change the way patients profiles are maintained and updated. The app is available for free download and the signing up process is easy too. Patients need not struggle with dates, prescriptions, files and appointments. Patientory will do it all for them with absolute accuracy and without any hassle.

Patient health records will be available on demand to doctors along with a host of valuable medical information, which they can use to make the right diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate medication for their condition.

As one of the most impactful mobile healthcare apps available on the market today, Patientory is clearly making waves in the healthcare technology sector where startups generally find it difficult to find a firm toehold. In terms of growing popularity and sign up by patients, Patientory is Facebook for healthcare.

Patientory is helping healthcare professionals spend less time gathering and organizing medical data, and more time on diagnosis in order to make quick and effective medical decisions.

"Our goal is to improve healthcare and interoperability within the industry, which will prove critical for the future for improved communication within the healthcare industry," the CEO, Chrissa McFarlane added. "The app will provide our customers with unique added value and demonstrates our deep commitment to offering them the convenience they need to maintain and manage their health records."

Healthcare is the largest industry in the world today and is three times larger than the banking sector. The industry is revitalizing faster than ever before today and at a swifter pace than other verticals. The surge is being led by one of the best 2016 mobile apps like Patientory which has the technology and the capability to enhance patient care factor and helps them remain firmly in control of their health all times. Patientory is providing the industry that much-needed seismic shift that will help healthcare regain its highly deserving premier status in the industry.

About Patientory:

Patientory is an advanced healthcare app that lets users create a patient profile to keep track of their health history. The free to use app provides patients an easy and hassle free way of tracking doctor visits, medical bills, personal medical information, insurance, immunizations and pharmacy medications.

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