Patrick McLoughlin is the Tory Sir Alex, Says Donor Temerko

Aug 15, 2016, 10:05 ET from

LONDON, August 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

New Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin can deliver "successes even greater" than those Sir Alex Ferguson led Manchester United to, according to leading industrialist and Conservative party donor Alexander Temerko.

The England Premier League season opened this Saturday 13 August, but in Westminster a new political season is well underway for the Conservative Party which opened a new chapter with the appointment of Theresa May as Leader and Patrick McLoughlin as Chairman.

In an article for ConservativeHome, Mr Temerko, British energy industrialist, politician and long-term Conservative Party supporter, highlighted a number of parallels between the rise of Manchester United under Alex Ferguson and the future of the Conservative Party with Patrick McLougholin as Chairman.

Alexander Temerko said: "As Chairman, McLoughlin, a former pit worker who defied the nonsense of Arthur Scargill, can speak for and understand the everyday voter far better than the hapless trade unions or Labour now can.

"He is the man to make the Tories a true One Nation party. He can deliver successes even greater than those brought by Sir Alex."

Mr Temerko highlighted that a solid economy must be the foundation of sustainable long-term success for the Conservatives and called on Patrick McLoughlin to help the party "embrace business".

He said: "Without a strong economy, we will have no country that works 'for every one of us' as the Prime Minister promised, no motivation for the grassroots and no donor confidence.

"To get there, McLoughlin must help the party embrace business. For too long, we have either been silent on business or else represented it only through… populist platitudes about SMEs. Big business is at the heart of the UK economy, and the Conservative Party has to do more to work with it to secure a strong future for itself and for the country.  This is hugely important, and I would happily get involved directly to help drive the Conservative business and industrial agenda myself, as well as remaining a major donor and a member of the Leader's group.

Mr Temerko concluded: "With a uniquely strong team, the Conservatives can win any time and on any pitch - it's just a question of by how much."