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Nov 30, 2015, 10:07 ET from AuctionMediaGroup

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul Ilii was born on January 21, 1985, in Bucharest, Romania, and immigrated to the United States in 2006.  Paul came by himself to America with only one small piece of luggage and $300 dollars in his pocket.   He has had several successful online business ventures since immigrating to the states, including USA Motors, Lista, and Planeta in addition to AuctionMediaGroup and PublicAuctionFinder. 

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Earlier years

Paul was raised by his single mother who still resides in Romania.  Growing up wasn't easy for this young man and his family.  They struggled financially. His mom was an example to Paul by being independent as well as his grandparents owning a vineyard and a farm.  Paul's entrepreneurial skills developed at a very young age by the time he was 15yrs.  He began making money on his own to help contribute to the family.  First, he bought used cell phones and resold them as well as purchased livestock from farms and sold it to local grocers and restaurants in the city.  While in school, Paul had a difficult time with his teachers, who had little faith in Paul as a student.   The teachers would tell Paul's Mother that he would end up on the streets and would become nobody. This only energized Paul to work hard and prove them wrong, and so he did.

Paul graduated from Moldova State University with a degree in International Law.  Though Paul's quest was to continue to be an Entrepreneur and not a Lawyer; his motto was and still is "Nothing is impossible."

Quest for US

Eventually Paul wanted to give the Land of The Free (U.S.) an opportunity to hone in on his Entrepreneurial passion.  Landing in Pensacola Beach, FL., he felt a bit overwhelmed and frightened upon arrival, and was burdened further with hearing his only luggage was stolen with no extra clothes but those on his back and the $300 dollars he had in hand.  To make matters worse, he also was left stranded by a work/travel coordinator company, which was supposed to help Paul locate a job and place to live temporarily. It turned out to be a scam.  Without the ability to speak English, he found his early years in U.S. unsettling.   With these limited resources, Paul had to build his camp under the Pensacola Beach Bridge (Florida) for (2) two weeks.  This was the most difficult time in Paul's life.  Paul managed to get himself to Vermont where he obtained a job washing dishes at Fridays Restaurant. During this time Paul worked three jobs a day, getting up at 5:00am and working all day and night until 1:00am.

Entrepreneurship Begins

Things began to look up when Paul went into the automotive business as a car salesman, followed by several other businesses. Two years later he opened his own used car dealership in Los Angeles, California.  Looking for more opportunities in business, he made a jump into the real estate market.  He became very successful in managing a couple multi-million dollar residential real estate properties in Los Angeles, California.

Paul became very interested and passionate about online businesses, opening his first online company in 2010 which were successes and sold to profitable brands.  Eventually Paul became Founder and CEO of AuctionMediaGroup and PublicAuctionFinder a Billion Dollar Industry within the auction and auctioneering business communities.  AMG and PAF companies are very successful, attracting multiple investors currently.   Today his organization and knack for team building has created two entities worth millions of dollars in capitalization and investment. 

U.S. is Paul's home instead of his challenge, indeed the land of opportunity in his life rings true today.

Currently Paul Ilii lives in Los Angeles, CA
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