Pavlov Media Expands Chicago Colocation Facility to 10Gigabit Capability

Allows expansion of Gigabit-plus speeds for customers

Sep 23, 2013, 12:00 ET from Pavlov Media

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pavlov Media announces the company's Chicago Colocation facility is now fully 10Gigabit capable.  The expansion from one Gigabit to 10 Gigabit capability means the company is able to offer Gigabit (1,000)Mbps and higher speeds across a broader range of the nation.


Pavlov Media now has 10 Gigabit Colocation facilities in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta,  Indianapolis, Phoenix and Bloomington, IL plus other colocation facilities in Dallas, Philadelphia, Tallahassee, Champaign/Urbana and Minneapolis. 

"Bringing our Chicago Colocation up to 10 Gigabit capabilities is part of our national backbone implementation," said Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media.  "Pavlov Media's expansion is driven by the growth in demand for Gigabit-plus performance so our backbone strategy reflects the need to meet customer needs," Scifres added.

The Chicago expansion means Pavlov Media capabilities like Tesseractiv® and WebSnap™ can be brought to hundreds of additional communities.

WebSnap™ is a combination of traffic management techniques that includes short, superfast blasts of service that snap up to circuit capacity speed.  The burst is brief—a few seconds but long enough to instantly load a webpage.  All residents at properties served by Pavlov Media have access to WebSnap™. 

Tesseractiv® is the trademarked name of Pavlov Media's Content Delivery Network, which improves high volume constant bit rate traffic (i.e. streaming video).  The combination loads web pages faster and improves video performance.

About Pavlov Media:
Pavlov Media is headquartered in Champaign, IL and offers broadband and television services nationally.  The company provides fiber services on its national backbone network, delivering speeds up to ten Gigabit (10,000Mbps).  We specialize in private Internet Protocol networks designed, constructed and operated by a team of dedicated professionals from the multifamily real estate industry.  We add value to properties and businesses by delivering IP products that enhance customer satisfaction and protect assets.  For more information, visit     

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