Pawngo Honoring JFK With 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Giveaway

Leading Online Pawn Shop Will Award 240 Coins & Framed Scranton Times

Oct 03, 2013, 10:19 ET from Pawngo

NEW YORK and DENVER, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Launched in 2011, Pawngo, the first and leading online pawn lender in the United States is announcing their JFK 50th Anniversary Half Dollar Giveaway. The content which began on September 23rd and will end on the anniversary of the tragic assassination, November 22nd, has already announced ten winners. Pawngo will be giving away three 1964 JFK half dollars to one person per day, ending with a grand prize winner, who will receive a framed newspaper (Scranton Times) from the day after the assassination, 50 1964 JFK half dollar coins and an LP of President Kennedy's most notable speeches. 


The 1964 John F Kennedy half dollar is a valuable collector piece. These coins are made of 90% pure silver and have become favored by collectors due to President Kennedy's popularity and his tragic death; these coins have largely vanished from circulation due to collectors, hoarders, and those interested in a memento of the late president. To counter the hoarding, the Mint greatly increased production, but against all of their efforts, denomination still failed to circulate. As the continued price of silver increased many of the early 1964 Kennedy half dollars, which were 90 percent silver, were melted by the collectors and hoarders for cash. So, starting in 1965 the Kennedy half dollar was reduced to 40 percent silver content, making Pawngo's collection even more valuable.

"Our team is excited to giveaway a significant part of American history. Over the years we have been able to obtain some very interesting and valuable assets, the like The Scranton Times and coins are definitely in that category," said Pawngo founder, Todd Hills. "We look forward to celebrating the life of JFK and hope to find collectors that can continue to pass down our country's history."

Entry to the giveaway is open to the public and contestants can enter by providing and verifying their email address. Additionally, contestants can receive extra submissions by sharing on social media and through email. Bonus submissions will be added for sharing with the maximum number of friends.  Winners will be announced daily.

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