PayPro Business Adds Direct Sales, Network Marketing And Drop Shipping Companies To Their Total Ecommerce Solution

Jan 17, 2013, 09:00 ET from PayPro Business

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- PayPro Business, an Ecommerce System and Merchant Services provider, announced today an innovative and beneficial program for Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Drop Shipping companies.

By utilizing PayPro Business' technology, any Manufacturer or Supplier will have the option to build their own online distribution channel enabling them to sell their Product Inventory to Distributors quickly and efficiently.

"We're excited to be able to offer our services to Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Drop Shipping companies," said Alex Pitt, Founder & CEO. "I truly believe our system solves the chargeback issues for the companies along with other extremely valuable benefits."

Manufacturer and Supplier Benefits using the PayPro Business System:

  • A B2B Relationship Model with Distributors: Each Distributor will receive their own individual Webstore, Shopping Cart with integrated Payment Gateway, and a Merchant Account with Virtual Terminal.
  • Chargeback Liability Reduced: As every Distributor receives a standalone business with its own Merchant Account, each business owner will be personally responsible for their sales and potential chargebacks.
  • Increases Velocity of Product Distribution: Since Distributors will have their own fully integrated Webstore and a Merchant Account they will be able to move products more efficiently.
  • Distributor Retention:  The PayPro Business Ecommerce System makes it easy to maintain and sell via a website, which encourages Distributors to stay with the Company resulting in strong retention rates.
  • Increase Online Distribution Channels: The fully integrated PayPro Business Ecommerce System allows companies to help work-from-home individuals looking to start their own business.
  • Product Inventory Updates Across Distribution Channels: The system will automatically update all Distributor Webstores with the proper inventory images, description, and pricing.

"As a payment industry participant for 20 years with experience of processing payments for many network marketing companies," Pitt continued, "I've seen a lot of good companies struggle with chargebacks since they were defined as high-risk. With our new program, it will allow the Corporate Headquarters to provide every Distributor with an individual Webstore and Merchant Account, eliminating potential risk of violations from Card associations including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and others."

"We've worked on this system for many years and now it's ready," Pitt said. "Our patent-pending technology and expert understanding of Merchant Services allows us to help and work with Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Drop Shipping companies. That's why we built a fully integrated system which can be used for their Distributors with minimum liabilities and chargebacks."

PayPro Business' Ecommerce System offers a truly innovative and complete package for small business owners, and now is also an important solution for Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Drop Shippers to build their online distribution channel more efficiently.

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About PayPro Business
PayPro Business is an Ecommerce System and Merchant Services provider that allows small businesses and individuals to create customizable online stores with the option of processing payment. With a fully integrated Ecommerce system, PayPro Business' patent-pending technology is the only solution provider that includes a Customizable Website, Shopping Cart, Merchant Services, and more with no developer fees.  Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and Drop Shippers will also be able to use the system to build and expand their online distribution channels quickly and efficiently with minimum liabilities and chargebacks.

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