Pazoo, Inc., Through Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary CannabisKing Distribution, LLC, Signs Distribution Agreement with Pure Grow Systems™, a Subsidiary of FastFunds Financial Corporation To Distribute A State Of The Art Antimicrobial Sanitation System For Grow Facilities

Jul 09, 2015, 16:36 ET from Pazoo, Inc.

WHIPPANY, N.J., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pazoo, Inc. (OTCPK: PZOO) announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with Pure Grow Systems, LLC, a subsidiary of FastFunds Financial Corporation (OTCPK: FFFC). The terms of the agreement give Pazoo the right to distribute the Pure Grow Systems product line to cannabis-related companies in select states in the United States.

"It's a great match. Fast Funds Financial and Pure Grow Systems are very excited to partner with Pazoo, Inc. in the distribution of its new, state of the art sanitizing and disinfection systems which are specifically designed to optimize the yields of medicinal plant cultivators by delivering 99.99% coverage with a 99.99% kill ratio for bacteria, viruses, mold and other pests that often plague these operations," commented Russ Mitchell, Managing Partners of Pure Grow Systems. He further stated "The technology is highly efficient and uses 100% biodegradeable actives which provide far superior outcomes while cutting labor costs from hours to minutes. This system will reduce the cost of sanitizing a facility by at least 70%."

"We are excited about this opportunity," said David Cunic, CEO of Pazoo, Inc. "This agreement aligns with our mission to ensure the quality and consistency of cannabis-derived products. The effectiveness of this product along with our growing laboratory presence will allow us to set a high-standard for the purity of medicinal cannabis as this industry matures. This is the first of many products and services that we have and will be adding to the CannabisKing distribution channel."

Molds, mildews, and harmful bacteria are the most common environmental toxins found in botanical and horticultural growing operations. Left unchecked, these naturally occurring contaminants can infect the leaves and buds of the plants. In the few states that mandate testing, mold, mildew, salmonella, and e-Coli, have caused the destruction of thousands of pounds of cannabis. Pure Grow System's products kills mold, mildew, harmful bacteria, and other viruses to eradicate them in the grow rooms. Cleaner rooms mean cleaner plants.

Pure Grow Systems, LLC, is poised to launch its website along with its first product line in the early part of August.

Pazoo wholly-owned subsidiary Harris Lee, LLC is in the process of finalizing its lease agreement in the Portland, Oregon area and expects the build out to begin within the next two weeks. The chosen property in its current form and substance will not require much retrofitting to be ready to be operational. Additionally, Harris Lee, LLC is believes the agreements for Colorado will be finalized and signed within the next week.  The extra time to get Colorado completed had nothing to do with negotiations.  It all came down to making sure the language and substance of the agreement was compliant with the state regulations.

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Pazoo, Inc. (PZOO), is a company focused on health, wellness and safety. Our focus is to provide best-in-class laboratory testing of cannabis and cannabinoids to protect consumers from impurities, contaminants and other irregularities. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Harris Lee, and our partnership with MA & Associates, Pazoo provides industry-leading laboratory testing of cannabis. Harris Lee's and MA's license agreements with Steep Hill Labs, Inc. allows the Pazoo subsidiaries to use Steep Hill's top-rated testing protocols in select markets as we expand throughout the USA. Pazoo's subsidiaries are currently licensed to test cannabis in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado, with other states to come. Additionally, Pazoo delivers a comprehensive array of health and wellness information on its website

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FastFunds Financial Corporation ("FastFunds" or the "Company") is a holding company that is publicly traded on the OTC Pink exchange, under the symbol "FFFC." Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Cannabis Angel, Inc. and The 420 Development Corporation, the Company is focused on acquiring and building a portfolio of revenue producing companies that provide ancillary services to the cannabis industry. FastFunds does not engage in activities that violate Federal laws.

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