PCIBooking Secured Payment Platform Reduces PCI Scope for OTAs/Channel Managers

Cloud-based platform prevents payment data from entering environments, using payment gateway-agnostic tokenization to eliminate vendor lock-in

May 18, 2016, 10:15 ET from PCIBooking

HOUSTON, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

To reduce PCI scope, online travel agencies (OTAs), channel managers and IBEs often rely on tokenization solutions, which exchange payment card data for surrogate tokens to prevent information leakage. However, payment service providers offer most of these solutions, creating vendor lock-in.

The secure, outsourced PCIBooking service for online travel companies offers tokenization and access control with a difference: It's the only service that is gateway-agnostic and requires no changes to existing workflows or frameworks. With this PCI-DSS Level 1 cloud solution, no payment card data ever enters users' environments, removing them from PCI scope.

Deployed in just days, PCIBooking provides total flexibility, enabling use of any payment processor. PCIBooking tokenizes payment card data (that's been captured), using an iFrame on the customers' website, or "on the fly," using PCIBooking data-exchange profiles, letting payment and booking details be seamlessly exchanged between virtual card providers/GDSs/affiliate websites/OTAs/channel managers, or transmitted to any payment gateway.  

"Our outsourced, secure solution fulfills hotels' need for their partners to become PCI-compliant," said PCIBooking Operations Director Jason Perhar. "Because if they aren't, and if there's a data breach, all the organizations involved in handling payment card data can be heavily fined for non-compliance. We've contracted with dozens of OTAs and channel managers, including some of the largest global travel companies, who are determined to become as PCI-compliant as their hotel customers."

PCIBooking will be demonstrated at HITEC, booth #550, June 20-23, 2016, Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.

About PCIBooking 
New payment card data security requirements and substantially heavier fines by Visa, effective in 2017, and by the European Court in 2018, make PCI compliance essential to safeguard customers' card information.

The secure, outsourced PCIBooking payment card solution lets customers capture, tokenize, transmit and store card data safely, while remaining out of PCI scope.

System-agnostic, and leveraging existing payment processing systems and messaging applications, PCIBooking can be implemented almost immediately, with no impact on workflows.

PCIBooking has been developed by Data Guard, a subsidiary of InterFAX Communications Ltd., an online messaging company, with almost 20 years' experience in providing highly reliable, flexible and secure fax/ XML messaging solutions. InterFAX, a long-established provider of PCI-compliant solutions to travel companies and hotels, is independently accredited to meet the strictest security standards.

Nettie Feldman