PCTV Systems Launches The 461e, A New High Definition USB-Based Digital Satellite Receiver For Windows And Linux

The PCTV 461e brings high definition DVB-S and DVB-S2 digital satellite TV to Windows based PCs. Linux support is also now available.

Feb 21, 2014, 09:00 ET from Hauppauge Digital Inc

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany, Feb. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hauppauge Digital Inc subsidiary, PCTV Systems Sarl has launched the PCTV DVB-S2 Stick (461e), a high definition digital satellite TV receiver, designed for both Windows and Linux based systems. The 461e can receive free-to-view HD digital satellite broadcasts in Europe and the Middle East from Astra and Eutelsat, plus the Freesat service in the UK. The 461e comes in a small case, is USB connected and enables a Windows or Linux system to receive satellite TV programs and satellite data broadcasts. The 461e was designed to deliver excellent TV reception in the smallest size possible for high definition satellite broadcasts.

PCTV Systems Sarl is headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany and is the leading European manufacturer of high definition TV receivers for Windows and Linux systems. PCTV Systems has been a subsidiary of Hauppauge Digital since 2009.

Maik Richter, General Manager of PCTV Systems, remarked on the target markets for the PCTV 461e, "While the 461e will also work in North America and Asia, the rich free-to-view high definition satellite content broadcast by Astra, Eutelsat and Freesat makes Europe the key market. And though the 461e works great in allowing consumers to watch and record satellite TV on a Windows PC, we have many VARs and system integrators in Europe, North America and Asia who will be using the 461e in Linux based systems for digital signage, sports equipment, hospital patient entertainment systems and other TV watching and high speed data delivery applications."

For Windows users, the included TVCenter 6 application for Windows makes it easy to watch, pause and record live HD digital satellite TV on a PC or laptop. After plugging in the 461e to a USB port on a Windows PC and connecting a cable from a satellite dish, a user can watch live satellite TV or play back satellite TV recordings full-screen or in a freely scalable window. The TVCenter 6 application can be run on a Windows PC even if you are working with other software at the same time. TVCenter 6 also supports remote TV viewing with the included DistanTV application, which provides watching TV on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. With the 461e, a user can watch satellite TV both on their Windows PC or streamed to an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or other device inside or away from the home.

For OEM and system integrators, the PCTV 461e DVB-S2 Stick works with Linux systems as well. The drivers are part of Kernel 3.14 and are just committed to LinuxTV.org Media Tree http://git.linuxtv.org/media_tree.git

PCTV DVB-S2 Stick (461e) is an higher performance successor to the former model, the 460e DVB-S2 Stick. The retail price of the PCTV 461e is 69,95 euros and is available at MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon in Germany. In the UK, the 461e has a suggested retail price of 59.95 GBP and is available through Amazon UK.

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For more information on the 461e for Linux, please contact David Zebuth at dzebuth@hauppauge.com

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One major goal for the company is to develop well designed hardware and software solutions which enable customers to use the products without a deep knowledge of technologies. We are dedicated to satisfy our users with state of the art solutions.

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