Pegasus Agritech Awards Hydroponic Farming Diplomas to Students at GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai

Apr 29, 2014, 10:45 ET from Pegasus Agritech

DUBAI, UAE, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Hydroponics Farming Diplomas awarded by Pegasus Agritech to Students at GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai . The students of the first hydroponic farming syllabus in the Middle East have passed the course and been awarded their diplomas. The syllabus was devised by hydroponics experts and leading scientists from Pegasus Agritech, the region's premier providers of hydroponic farming facilities. The success of the program has inspired colleges and governments around the world to implement similar initiatives.

Hydroponics has emerged as the answer to food security, a key pillar of the UN World Food Program, in regions that struggle to produce their own food. Food security is of paramount importance in safeguarding the region's continued growth and ensuring a stable tomorrow for the children of today. Presently, the Middle East imports 98% of its food, a costly and unsustainable figure. This is due to the harsh and inhospitable climate that prohibits crops from prospering during the hot season. Hydroponics is the art of growing without soil, instead using a nutrient film technique that delivers a mixture of water and vital minerals to the plants, allowing them to grow all year round and decreasing the demand for imports.

Pegasus Agritech partnered with GEMS Our Own English High School to ensure the next generation is educated about food security and the importance of healthy eating. They prepared a hydroponics syllabus for ten high-achieving students and installed a mini farm in the school where students and teachers grew their own organic produce. Throughout the course, participants conducted a multitude of experiments, trialing different nutrient solutions, pH levels and mediums of growth. They grew lollo bionda and lollo rossa; two different varieties of luxury lettuce. Alongside the practical learning, there was also a field trip to Pegasus Agritech's impressive farm facility in Dubai to give the students a first hand insight into how a successful, commercial farm runs. On completion, all the students received a certificate from Pegasus Agritech, the worlds most sought after hydroponic farming consultant.

The course will begin again at the start of the next academic year, but on a much larger scale due to a high demand from the parents and teachers at GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai . Pegasus Agritech are also currently consulting with colleges, governments and the Chartered Institute of Hydroponic Farming over plans to extend the course to educational institutions across the region.

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