Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC Is Preparing to Provide Even Better Customer Service in 2014

Jan 23, 2014, 07:00 ET from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC

NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC, an industry leader and direct funder in providing non-recourse legal funding to individuals involved in personal injury claims, announced today that they have embarked on a new initiative to further develop their customer service and underwriting departments for 2014.  After having a banner year in 2013 Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC has been surveying clients and compiling customer feedback to further enhance and improve it services and various offerings.  Bob Tansey, Pegasus Legal Funding's business operations manager said the results were not surprising and continue to focus on Pegasus' industry leading efficiency and speed in processing of each applications and funding request.  In an effort to further enhance its service the company spent time tweaking the application and funding process.  Pegasus is proud to announce that it has developed additional systems to improve the efficiency of the lawsuit funding process. 

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Pegasus Legal Funding (PLF) management lead by experienced litigation finance directors, Max Alperovich and Alexander Khanas, who will rely upon exact underwriting specifications to provide pre settlement cash advances to plaintiffs prior to the settlement of their claims or final resolution of their court case. PLF's business model encompasses the distribution of funds to plaintiffs with an agreed-upon fee structure to be repaid from the plaintiff's recovery. These advances are typically structured are approximately 10-20% of the anticipated settlement recovery. These fundings are commonly used by the plaintiff for a variety of essential necessities, ranging from surgical procedures to everyday living expenses. Stan Di Cicco, the firm's CFO, recently commented on the company's desire to continuously work to provide the best and most efficient customer service in the industry.  "We recognize that personal injury victims have a lot of stress to deal with.  We don't want to add to that stress.  Instead, we want to make their fight for a fair settlement as stress-free as possible.  That is why we are working hard to ensure our staff members are properly trained and are fully focused on the needs of our clients.  That is also why we are trying to get our clients the money they need as soon as possible." 

In an effort to meet our customers' needs, Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC has hired additional support staff and will be launching a new case management system that will enable its staff to better serve both our existing and new clients.  The new case management system will provide quicker access to all the pertinent information necessary for processing the applications and will further enable Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC to process applications faster than other companies.  Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC believes that fast access to lawsuit funding is essential to keep its client satisfaction high and is striving to improve the overall experience.    

Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC is excited for this upcoming year and believes that its clients will be pleased with the steps they have taken to improve customer service. The cash advances provided by Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC are not loans.  Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC provides non-recourse cash advances that do not have to be paid back unless the personal injury victim successfully settles their case.  The cash advances provided by Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC are not loans.  Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC provides non-recourse cash advances that do not have to be paid back unless the personal injury victim successfully settles their case.  PLF is a member of The American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), a trade association for the Legal Funding Industry.  All ALFA members, including Pegasus, adhere to what is called "Good Practices". These practices establish industry standards in the legal funding business and means that Pegasus Legal Funding provides full disclosure to personal injury victims. A hallmark of Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC is its ability to deliver cash advances to individuals faster than its competitors while at the same time offering our "Best Price Guarantee"

Applicants can learn more about non-recourse cash advances, you may apply online at: or by calling Pegasus's toll free hotline, where live agents are always available to answer your questions immediately at: 855-386-3968 / 855-FUND-YOU.

For more information about Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC.  Please visit our website at Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC, 14 Wall Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10005, 855-386-3968

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