Pendant Jewelry Available at JewelsBerry Proves Perfect for Personalized Gifts

Customizable and diverse jewelry options make the JewelsBerry online store a fantastic one-stop shop for birthday and holiday shopping.

Sep 20, 2013, 17:57 ET from

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- According to many sources, including a 2006 poll by the New York Times, September is the month with the most birthdays in America. Then, as soon as we know it, holiday season will rear its decorative head. It can all get overwhelming, which is why many settle for impersonal presents of cash and gift certificates. JewelsBerry, an online store providing a variety of gorgeous jewelry in fashion-friendly styles, offers an extensive collection of gifts with a personal touch. From Art Deco-style vintage jewelry to cute, charm-style pendant jewelry, the affordable, gorgeous products at JewelsBerry can be perfectly matched to the recipient's unique tastes.

Because of fashion juggernaut, The Great Gatsby, 2013 was the year that re-launched the ornamental art style known as Art Deco; fashionistas predict that this trend will continue well into the upcoming years. JewelsBerry's 1928 Collection brings together a fantastic assortment of Art Deco and other pieces with a flourish that's bound to impress the girl with vintage flair. Art Deco is a style that appreciates ornate details, which are easily seen in the varied barrettes available in JewelsBerry's online store. The copper-toned leaves, gold- and black-interwoven toned, and the intricate silver-toned textured barrettes would all look fabulous on top of a flapper's head in a period piece or on a modern fashionista having a night out on the town. Dazzling earrings that match these Art Deco pieces can be found in the Cheryl M. sterling silver collection. Dangling CZ earrings, heart-shaped sapphire-colored studs, black onyx oval earrings, and even simple halo-style round studs are available from the stylish designer. Her rings also must be seen to be believed; take the hummingbird ring, with ornate detailing, multi-toned jewels, and gorgeous silver luster, as an example of her whimsical and unique point of view.

For fashion-forward girls with a reverence for the past, beautiful and affordable costume jewelry can be found in the 1928 Collection. Costume jewelry is a style where many diverse pieces are mixed together in one outfit; JewelsBerry understands the appeal of this fun, decorated look. Gorgeous pewter- and gold-toned necklaces with special details are just intricate enough to draw attention while going perfectly with other pieces. There are also pieces with sentiment built in, including cross pendants, stainless steel black enamel ace of spades necklaces, skeleton key pendants, and many more necklaces with great iconography. JewelsBerry also offers fantastic sterling silver stackable rings that can be mixed and matched depending on the woman's mood.

If the Art Deco trend doesn't satisfy your gift-giving needs this season, check out JewelsBerry's pendant jewelry collection. These gorgeous charms are meant to be collected, mixed, and matched. From 14K gold numbers and roman numerals to cute and fun options like kittens in basket and dolphin heart charm pendants, these pieces are ideal for helping a loved one create a beautiful bracelet or necklace with incredibly personal meaning. These are fantastic because they can convey sentiment in many ways, either explicitly (like the "Big Sis" or "Mother of Twins" pendants) or through a secret meaning (a lobster, flying pig, or paint brush could mean something incredibly personal). The collection has to be seen to be believed!

Browse the JewelsBerry online store to learn more by going to The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and currently has a 15% off special running for those who like their Facebook page.