Pens, Lunchboxes ... and Cosmetic Surgery? Are 'Back to School' Trends Going Too Far?

Study finds acne-prone youth go to great lengths to look good in front of their peers

Aug 01, 2012, 09:05 ET from The Patient’s Guide

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the poor economic outlook, 2012 has seen a growing demand for certain "Back to School" purchases … but not for traditional backpacks or lunchboxes.  Cosmetic surgery procedures like laser acne and acne scar treatments have become the latest rage for the nation's insecure youth.  According to The Patient's Guide, the leading online destination in skin care and beauty, a recent study performed on shows a dramatic increase in acne scar removal interest as school sessions approach. Not only are they seeing an increase in patient adoption of new acne scar treatment technologies, but overall patient satisfaction following the treatments is high.

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"With 85% of teens and 20% of adults struggling with acne, acne scarring can be a troubling source of insecurity and self-consciousness," says Patient's Guide CEO and co-founder, Jasson Gilmore. "Many young people are left with scarring from adolescent acne.  Non-surgical medical treatments such as the Fraxel laser (, typically administered by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, help smooth scarring by creating microscopic fissures deep within the skin to trigger a natural repairing process. Such a non-surgical choice is probably more acceptable to most parents than typical cosmetic surgery."  Fraxel is one of many lasers that treat acne scarring and is estimated to take 3-5 treatments to see an improved result, costing about $1,000 per session.

Dr. Eric Bernstein, Director of Mainline Center for Laser Surgery, treats acne scars every day. His patients, both male and female of all ages, express their emotional sufferings resulting from their battle with acne and now acne scars. Dr. Bernstein can relate as he too struggled with acne scars following many embarrassing teen years of acne. "My kids live in a different world today given the technological advances now available to treat acne and acne scaring," says Dr. Bernstein.

US educators have also noticed a decline in self-confidence across school campuses.  "Many children in our public schools today feel the emotional effects of peer pressure and bullying relating to their appearance and behavior," says Nadia Villapudua a California School Psychologist . "It seems like parents are starting to take a larger role in addressing these insecurities and improving their child's self-confidence."

Not all parents support the new trend.  Samantha Diaz, a California parent with 2 boys enrolled in high school said, "That's insane.  We're trying to make ends meet to keep food on the table, and young girls are getting nose jobs.  The government needs to do something about this."

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