Perch Unveils First Always-on Live Video Application To Improve Collaboration Among Teams

Sep 05, 2013, 08:13 ET from Perch Communications Inc.

Polite Ambient Video Connection Brings Promise of Video Communications to Reality

VANCOUVER, Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Perch today unveiled the first-of-its-kind live ambient video communications application, enabling  teams to seamlessly connect and collaborate across offices and amongst its remote workforce like never before. Perch combines its unique facial and motion detection technologies with live video to  bring the promised value of video communications to reality.

"When video became more prevalent, we imagined a much easier and natural communication experience like we saw on the Jetsons, Star Trek and even Spaceballs," said Danny Robinson founder and CEO, Perch. "And that's what Perch delivers; clear and frictionless real-time communications with the people you talk to every day."

Perch works best when mounted on a wall or on a stand in a high traffic area, such as a pod of desks, office bullpen or community area.  Once mounted, you can set up an always-on video portal and share it with your co-workers. Unlike other video conferencing technologies, Perch is always-on and does not require individuals to plan a call beforehand - simply look at the device screen to activate the microphone and initiate communications.  Perch runs over WiFi on any iOS device and is currently compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices (4s and above) with a front facing camera. Because Perch runs on mobile devices, you can continue to use Perch while on-the-go.

"As companies scale and teams and offices become geographically distributed, it becomes increasingly harder to emulate that natural real-time exchange that happens around the water cooler,"  said Robinson. "With Perch's video portal,  you can bridge the culture gap and pop -in and connect with your co-workers live - as if you were in the cubicle next door!"

Key features:

  • Easy, polite and spontaneous communications between two places or two people
  • Free scalable platform, for one-to-one or one-to-many communications
  • Microphone is activated using facial detection
  • Auto-connect feature eliminates pitfalls of traditional synchronous video applications, which can drop in and out of call connections causing user frustration

Perch is free and is available for download by visiting the Apple App Store.

About Perch
Founded in May 2012, Perch is the first always-on, ambient video application designed to dramatically improve the way we communicate with the people we talk to every day. The Perch app has a unique algorithm that uses facial and motion detection to automatically and securely connect people and places through live video. Perch is currently compatible with any iPod/iPhone/iPad device with a front facing camera. Perch has received seed funding from angel investors Michael Perone, Zach Levow, Dan Martell, Mike Edwards, Dale Fuller, Guy Suter and Paul Judge. To learn more about Perch, visit, or follow them on Twitter -@Perch, and like Perch on Facebook

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