Perfect Sleep is a Dream Come True with Dr. Hall's PILLO1

Renowned Chiropractor's No-Nonsense Pillow Addresses Neck Pain, Snoring, and Sleepless Nights

Dec 12, 2012, 14:26 ET from PILLO1

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned chiropractor and sleep expert, Dr. Raymond Hall, helps individuals to dream big with a revolutionary new pillow designed specifically to end sleepless nights and provide perfect head, neck and back support.  After a culminated 28 years of research and experience, Dr. Hall's PILLO1 is proving sleep need not be a luxury, though it can be luxurious.  Combining 100 percent natural materials with Dr. Hall's unequivocally advanced design, the patented PILLO1 has been clinically proven to support the neck and spine, reduce snoring, and give individuals their best possible sleep.

Today, between busy schedules, constant texting and typing on various keyboards, and the severe increase in general stresses, getting a good night's sleep can be a nightmare.  Statistics show that, throughout the week, more than half of people suffer from some sort of sleep issue.  While many individuals turn to medications or other more extreme measures to find their better night's sleep, clinical research suggests Dr. Hall's PILLO1 may be all they need.

"Day after day, I see a significant portion of patients complaining of daily neck pain and stiffness," says Dr. Hall.  "Instead of constantly treating the resulting damage, I wanted to create a solution that would not only align people's spines and give a more comfortable night's rest, but was also a preventative measure to stop sleep-related medical problems before they started."

Pooling his extensive knowledge of the spine and stress-related injuries, Dr. Hall implemented precision contours, shoulder cutouts essential for side-sleepers to relieve shoulder pressure, and beveled side panels for a comfortable, functional, and proactive pillow suitable for each and every sleep position.  In addition to alleviating neck, shoulder, and back concerns, Dr. Hall's PILLO1 also helps to resolve and to improve snoring and minor sleep apnea, as well as headaches including the dreaded migraines. 

Beyond its intelligent design, Dr. Hall's PILLO1 is also environmentally responsible.  Made in America from Talalay latex, a naturally derived and renewable resource from the milk of the rubber tree, Dr. Hall's PILLO1 is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and anti-microbial.  Plus, each batch of PILLO1s received into the warehouse are carefully examined personally by Dr. Hall to ensure quality.  Pillows are available in 3 sizes made to address each individual's dimensions and needs. 

"As a doctor, I know how incredibly crucial sleep is to our health and overall happiness," continues Dr. Hall.  "I set out to create the absolute best pillow in the world, one that would leave absolutely nothing to be desired.  PILLO1 was the result."

Life is about choices, knowledge is power and living life to your fullest is about connecting the two. Finally, with PILLO1, getting the perfect night's sleep is no longer a dream.

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