Perle Bioscience Aims To Cure Diabetes With help from BlazeFund

BlazeFund, an equity crowdfunding company, is proud to help Perle Bioscience in their efforts against diabetes

Sep 26, 2013, 14:00 ET from BlazeFund

BOSTON, Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 11-year-old Type 1 diabetes patient, Louis Cocco, conveyed statistics to a Washington, D.C. group about the impacts of diabetes in America:

  • 26 million patients.
  • 284,000 deaths last year.
  • Another diagnosis every 17 seconds.
  • Leading cause of amputations, blindness and kidney disease.
  • $245 Billion for patient care in 2012.

Finally, Louis turned towards Dr. Claresa Levetan, his endocrinologist, saying, "These group of doctors will get me off insulin before I am a grownup."

Dr. Irl Hirsch, editor-in-chief of the ADA Journal Clinical Diabetes, considers Dr. Levetan, an internationally recognized leader in diabetes research, as "the most creative physician I have ever met". She was co-founder and lead inventor of CureDM, whose IP portfolio was licensed to Sanofi in 2010 for payments potentially valued at $335M.

Her newest venture, Perle Bioscience (, is "revolutionary and provides proprietary therapeutic treatment for diabetes." Perle looks to raise $2M in capital, representing 25% equity.

Nearly 10% of healthcare and 40% of Medicare spending goes towards diabetics. "Our innovative treatment focuses on fostering insulin independence; it will be a huge societal benefit by managing healthcare costs," states Dr. Levetan, adding, "Perle is making a paradigm shift in the treatment of diabetes; we chose BlazeFund because they specialize in life-sciences and are making a paradigm shift in accessing capital."

Aaron Sanders, founder and CEO of BlazeFund, adds, "BlazeFund provides the investment community with access to innovative ventures. We are proud to be working with Perle BioScience."

Sanders believes that BlazeFund enables entrepreneurs to raise capital and exercise greater control over terms whereas for investors, "A benefit of entering into early stage investments is the potential to capture greater capital appreciation."

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