Personal BlackBox Delivers Secure Polling App For WE Decide 2016 Election Platform

Personal Data Company Creates First-of-its-Kind Personal Polling Station Where Info is Safe

Mar 09, 2016, 07:03 ET from Personal BlackBox

NEW YORK, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Our world has become overwhelmingly digital, and data is the new currency with the power to drive business trends, influence social issues and impact election results. Personal BlackBox (PBB), an innovative data solutions company, has lent its technology to WE Decide 2016, an online election polling platform backed by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) that aims to strengthen the voice of women in this critical election season. Women in business are invited to join WE Decide 2016 to engage in this important dialogue by providing a secure place to express and amplify their opinions while allowing them to trust that their data will be protected and never sold without their permission or benefit. In addition, the Personal BlackBox technology allows WE Decide 2016 participants to visualize and track their responses to polls and surveys and measure impact and trends throughout the entire election year.

Personal BlackBox is helping to empower women by providing them with Personal Polling Stations to contribute valuable data currency in the form of poll and survey results to impact the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. WE Decide 2016 will take the collective results to the candidates and media to ensure they know the priorities of women.  It will also publish a Women in Business Policy Priorities report prior to the national conventions to encourage candidates to speak directly to the largest voting population, women. Personal BlackBox's technology puts the power back in the hands of women—and voters – nationwide.

"As we saw the 2016 Presidential election taking shape, we found that many women were yearning for a place to talk with each other about political issues without being judged or harassed openly," said Nell Merlino, Founding Chairwoman of the Personal BlackBox Trust. "Lending our technology to WE Decide 2016 creates just that place and more—it gives the control back to women to decide."

Each person who registers for a Personal Polling Station through WE Decide 2016 also unlocks a Personal BlackBox Trust Account, where they will receive access to features that respect their data rights and provide transparency with respect to how each member's data will be used. These principles and obligations are codified in Trust Standards that guide Personal BlackBox's mission to promote the right to know what data is collected and provide individuals with the opportunity to maintain privacy, control, and benefits related to that data.

In particular, the WE Decide 2016 experience implements the PBB Trust's Political Polling Survey Standard, which ensures that:

  1. Your personal profile cannot be shared with others in any manner without your permission.
  2. Your poll data cannot be shared with others in any manner without your permission.
  3. Only the aggregated, de-identified poll results will be published.

The Political Polling Survey Standard is published by the PBB Trust and evaluated by the PBB Trust's Independent Board of Trustees.  Each Trust Standard is evaluated based on whether it advances people on the path to four foundational rights of the Personal Data Independence (PDI) framework.

Right to Know and Verify My Personal Data.
I am empowered to know what personal data is being collected about me and by whom, and to make sure the personal information is accurate.

Right to Control My Personal Information
I am empowered to manage the permissions, access and use of my personal data and to collect and organize my data.

Right to Start Keeping My New Personal Information Private.                   
I am empowered to have my new PBB personal information kept as safe and secure as possible, and to choose which information to share and with whom, or to choose not to share my personal information.

Right to Benefit from My Personal Data.
I am empowered to benefit from the use of my personal data as a personal asset to enrich my life and to provide me financial gain.

Moreover, each Trust Standard is required to advance the interests of consumers in receiving data ownership, transparency and benefit from their information. 

"Personal BlackBox is unlocking the key to personal data management and control," said Dr. Patrick Deegan, CTO of Personal BlackBox. "This technology has the power to revolutionize how we as individuals relate to the data we create each day and the WE Decide 2016 platform is just one example of its potential."

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About Personal Black Box
Personal BlackBox (PBB) is a digital marketing solutions company that provides platforms and services to build transparent, productive and private data relationships between companies and people. Companies are freed of the liability and risks associated with consumer data because the PBB Trust puts ownership and control of personal data in the hands of people. PBB has built an enterprise scale platform that allows companies to build apps and campaigns that connect to consumer data for analysis through a series of APIs-without ever allowing the customer's data out of the system. PBB, which is a Public Benefit Corporation, operates in tandem with the PBB Trust, an entity designed to safeguard personal data with personal data independence standards, security and protocols. For more information or to join PBB, go to

About WIPP
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) is a nonprofit, membership organization working to increase the economic power and public policy clout of women business owners by providing business skills education, leadership opportunities for business and personal growth, and a seat at the table amongst policymakers in Washington, D.C. Founded in 2001, WIPP is recognized as a national, nonpartisan voice for women entrepreneurs advocating on behalf of its coalition of over 4 million businesswomen including 78 business organizations. Visit to learn more about WIPP.


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