Personal Connected Health Alliance Presents 2015 Key Contributor Awards To George MacGinnis, PA Consulting, And Thom Erickson, Qualcomm Technologies, For Forward-Thinking Approaches And Vision For Continua Design Guidelines

Continua Design Guidelines define implementation framework for open, authentic interoperability in personal connected health

Nov 10, 2015, 13:17 ET from Personal Connected Health Alliance

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) today presented its 2015 Continua Key Contributor Award to George MacGinnis, Telehealth Expert at PA Consulting Group, and Thom Erickson, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies. The award recognizes outstanding service in advancing the development and implementation of PCHA's Continua Design Guidelines, an open implementation framework for interoperability of personal connected health devices and solutions. It was yesterday presented during the Continua Summit at the HIMSS Connected Health Conference.

"I'm delighted to recognize George and Thom, who have given generously of their time, working to forward our vision for authentic interoperability in personal connected health and supporting the Continua Design Guidelines,"said Rob Havasy, Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance. "The Continua Design Guidelines provide the only assurance of genuine interoperability for personal health devices and systems—connectivity requiring minimal user effort—which is essential for modern healthcare delivery," he said.

George has been involved in several key PCHA work groups, including the Continua Use Case Working Group (UCWG), and stepped up to provide strong leadership as acting Chair of the UCWG. Under George's leadership, the UCWG has established multiple use cases over the past several years, providing detailed information on the standards, technology and architecture of mobile health.

Thom Erickson is a member of the Personal Connected Health Alliance Board of Directors. Thom has provided exceptional technical counsel in advancing the Guidelines; helped develop the Continua HL7 FHIR demonstration (HIMSS Booth #503 on the HIMSS Connected Health Conference exhibit floor) and has been a leader in articulating the vision for authentic interoperability through published articles.

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