Personalized Prescribing Company Formed by Merger of Genelex Corporation and Mental Health Connections

Merger signals significant advance in personalized medicine

Jun 08, 2010, 09:00 ET from Genelex

SEATTLE, Wash. and LEXINGTON, Mass., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The first-ever comprehensive personalized prescribing services company has been formed with the merger of Seattle-based Genelex Corporation and Lexington, Massachusetts-based Mental Health Connections, Inc. (MHC), signaling a significant advance in personalized medicine.

"Personalized prescribing, which is essential to the practice of personalized medicine, requires both Genelex's DNA Drug Sensitivity Testing™ and MHC's GeneMedRx drug and gene interaction software," said Howard Coleman, chief executive officer, Genelex. " This powerful combination of technologies is a major advance in our ability to solve the epidemic of medication-driven adverse drug reactions, interactions, and treatment failures the US Food and Drug Administration describes as a major public health problem."

"Combining these technologies comes just in time to meet the needs of the personalized medicine revolution overtaking medicine," said Robert Patterson, M.D., and principal of MHC. "The most recent example of that revolution is the addition of a genetics-based black box warning to Plavix. Now we have the tools to move beyond trial-and-error, one-size-fits-all prescribing."

As part of the merger, which is effective immediately, Coleman will serve as CEO of the combined company, Genelex. Patterson will serve as the company's Chief Informatics Officer.

Genelex (jen-uh-LEX) sells a combination of DNA Drug Sensitivity testing and the GeneMedRx (jeen-med-r-x) software to doctors to help them choose the safest medicines for their patients. The long-term plan is to scale up the software to integrate with e-prescribing programs and hand-held devices so that all adverse drug reaction software is "Powered by GeneMedRx." Widespread use of these tools represents a major opportunity to save lives, improve patient outcomes, and save billions of healthcare dollars every year.

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