Helps Motorists Understand the Forces Behind Auto Loan Rates has published a helpful fact sheet on how to drive the price of their auto loan in the right direction.

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DALLAS, Texas, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

American motorists are bracing their teeth for another rise in the average cost of a new car at the end of the first quarter of 2013, reports the Wall Street Journal. has calculated that the average price of a new car last year was 1.4% higher than in 2011. As such, car financing continues to give many consumers access to the necessary funds to purchase a new or used car affordably. has compiled a fact sheet on the main push-and-pull factors that affect the interest rate and overall price of a car financing deal. The site is able to offer motorists a free comparison platform to cross-check a variety of car finance companies in order to source the best deals. The search platform is comprised of a number of companies with bad credit specialists well represented. The fact sheet is available for free via the website. made the announcement in the following statement that was released to the press.

"With car prices pushing skywards, motorists are keen to know how they can influence the car financing deals they are offered. There are some variables that cannot be amended much - geographical location is a large determinant in interest rates- but others, like credit ratings or the term of the loan, can be tweaked to keep costs down. We are delighted to announce our new check list on auto loans and invite consumers to learn how to have more control over how much they pay to borrow for their new or used car."

The fact sheet touches on several common conundrums of motorists and it addresses the often asked question of having longer or shorter loan term with a balanced response.

"For some consumers, it really makes more sense to go for higher repayments per month with a lower interest rate overall, while for others the extra breathing space of lower monthly repayments with a higher interest rate spread out over a longer time is ideal. It really depends on an individual's preference. can show a huge variety of companies and deals, hopefully leading to a competitively priced outcome and the new or used car of their dreams purchases affordably."

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