Publishes New Articles on Credit Inquiries and Credit Scores

The site now features an article showing the difference between hard and soft credit inquiries and another explaining FICO credit scores and their meanings

Sep 23, 2013, 08:00 ET from

MIAMI, September 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- has announced the publication of two new articles aimed at American consumers that want to greater understand the world of credit scoring.

The first article is entitled "The Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries" and gets to the real heart of which type of credit applications diminish credit scores and which do nothing to harm them. The second article is called "FICO Credit Scores Explained," and provides a clear and easy to follow explanation of the most common credit scoring methodology employed in the United States.

Ben Milo, spokesperson for, made the announcement of the articles' publication in the following statement that was released to the press.

"We have decided to write and publish a range of articles that really get to the bones of many consumer finance issues that cause the most confusion. Misunderstanding and misinformation abound on the internet, so we have produced accurate, easy to follow and attractive articles with infographics explaining what consumers what to know about credit scores and credit inquiries."

The statement continued, "We invite consumers to visit our site and read the articles for free. We hope that they provide all of the answers to people's questions and help consumers to better handle their financial matters."

Regarding the issues covered by the "FICO Credit Scores Explained" article, the spokesperson added, "Consumers want to know how their activity is interpreted by the credit bureaus and so we decided one of the most important features to highlight is the weightings of credit scores. This is our main aim throughout the article - to encourage mindful spending and repayment habits."

The spokesperson also addressed the contents of the infographic for this article. "This is why our corresponding infographic breaks down the percentages that the score is comprised of. Knowing this helps consumers to put that 3 digit score into context and understand how their spending habits are read into their score."

The article on the difference between hard and soft credit inquiries shows that not all applications into credit damage a score, but that those which report to the agencies will leave a footprint.

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