Personhood Colorado files new amendment for unborn victims of violence

Jan 28, 2013, 18:04 ET from Personhood USA

DENVER, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Immediately following the legislative defeat of HB 1032, Heather Surovik and Personhood Colorado filed an amendment to ensure that all victims of homicide are considered persons.

The Brady Project was created after Heather's son was killed by a drunk driver, who was already a four-time offender.  Surovik and her family were told that although Brady was near delivery, the driver could not be charged with vehicular homicide because under Colorado law her baby was not considered a 'person'.  Heather and Brady's case is just one of many in recent years that disallowed prosecution for the baby's death, including car accidents and shootings.

HB 1032, which was endorsed by The Fraternal Order of Police as well as the Colorado District Attorney's Council, would have enabled prosecution for homicide in the cases of violent crimes against unborn babies.

Heather Surovik explained, "Since the legislature has failed to protect victims of violence in Colorado, we the people need to act immediately. In Colorado, there is a case of unsolicited fetal homicide nearly every year. In most other states, there would be justice for those victims, and it is time for Colorado citizens to demand justice as well."

A new website,, hosts a video of Heather explaining the joys of her pregnancy with Brady and the circumstances of Brady's tragic death.

"The current laws in Colorado do not go far enough," continued Surovik. "The law says that Brady wasn't a person, and as a result, the drunk driver who killed my son was not charged with homicide. Brady was eight pounds, two ounces. Brady was a person – his life was worth defending," Heather continued.

The amendment was filed electronically today and will be heard by a Legislative Committee Hearing in two weeks.

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