Personhood USA Surpasses 1 Million Signatures Against Abortion; Launches Campaign for 10 million

Jul 11, 2013, 15:38 ET from Personhood USA

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Personhood USA has collected the signatures of over one million Americans in opposition to abortion in every case. Now with nearly 2 million signatures, Personhood USA has announced that they plan to gather over 10 million signatures in opposition to abortion and in support of a 100% pro-life position at their new website

"We reached one million signatures far faster than we could have imagined," stated Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA. "The vision of defending every human life at all stages of development has spread like wildfire across grassroots America. Now is the time to raise up the conscience of our nation. As we collect 10 million signatures, Personhood will continue to take the nation by storm."

Personhood USA is collecting signatures in several states through ballot initiatives and through efforts coordinated at The state citizen-led ballot initiative signatures are those of registered voters.

Personhood USA leaders say that, to their knowledge, Personhood USA is the first organization involved in the issue of abortion to collect over a million signatures. By contrast, the pro-choice multi-million dollar organization and abortion provider Planned Parenthood collected merely 325,000 signatures in 2008 when partnered with

"Those who are a part of this grassroots movement understand personhood for what it is—a shift in the pro-life movement to recognize the most basic of the human rights of preborn children," Mason continued. "Personhood is front and center in the battle for human lives. This new paradigm is literally activating and mobilizing millions of people. Ten million strong, we will reclaim a culture of life in America."

SOURCE Personhood USA