Personna Industrial's Expansion Under Energizer Holdings, Inc. Leads The Industry

May 10, 2012, 10:27 ET from Personna

VERONA, Va., May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Personna Industrial's expansion strategy and product innovations under its parent company, Energizer Holdings, Inc., continues to set the industry pace in the professional, medical, and industrial blades and bladed tools markets.


"Our parent, Energizer Holdings, Inc., has presented us with an extraordinary opportunity.  Personna Industrial is well positioned to continue into the future as the global leader in blade technology and will set the industry bar for blade sharpness and durability. We will also bring innovation to the delivery systems of these blades for our end users," said Rick Gagliano, General Manager of Personna Industrial. 

With recent capital infusions from Energizer, Personna Industrial introduced 15 new carpet tools in 2011. The world's leading blade manufacturer then ushered in 2012 with a preview of a new line of specialty coated blades. In addition, Personna Industrial has launched a new website at The new website showcases all of the company's products and services.

"We made the largest investment in our company's history to deliver the next generation of quality, innovative products our customers have come to expect from Personna Industrial. This year and next, we will introduce more exciting additions to our professional, medical, and industrial product lines," Mr. Gagliano noted. "We're looking to move the needle in terms of innovation, blade improvements and new areas of expansion. Our goal is continuous improvement across our entire business, and with the backing of Energizer, that vision is becoming reality."

Bob Senesac, VP Marketing of Personna Industrial, added, "As part of the Energizer team, Personna Industrial is here for the long term to provide our customers, distributors and end users with products and tools that give them the best results. We are committed to providing world class customer service and product delivery. Our commitment to those ideas has never wavered. Our partners expect the best from us and we are focused on executing to their expectations."

Personna produces many of its blades in Verona, Virginia, including the Blue Carpet Blades, Blue Roofing Blades, coated and uncoated Single Edge Blades (3 facet), Microtome Blades, Food Processing blades, Stripping Blades (8 inch), Double Edge Blades, Textile Blades and Fiberglass Blades.  Hobby blades, Contour blades and made-to-order shapes will also continue production in the United States, along with all patents and design work. 

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Personna, Verona, VA

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