Pet Owners Share Stories about Importance of Vaccinations

"Vaccinate Your Pet" campaign emphasizes regular veterinary visits and vaccinations for cats and dogs

Sep 17, 2012, 11:00 ET from Merial

DULUTH, Ga., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaccinations are the cornerstone of a long, happy life for cats and dogs. To help reinforce the importance of regular veterinary visits and vaccinations, today Merial announced the "Vaccinate Your Pet" campaign. By visiting the campaign website,, pet owners can learn more about vaccines and even share their pets' vaccination stories.

"Pet vaccines can protect against life-threatening diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis or conditions caused by feline leukemia virus," said Dr. Robert Menardi, director, Pet Biologicals, Merial. "By vaccinating your dog or cat, you're not only helping to protect them, but you're also helping protect other pets from these often contagious diseases."

Unfortunately, many pet owners only grasp the importance of vaccinations when it's too late, after their pet has contracted a vaccine-preventable illness. Many pet owners have come forward to share how their pets got sick – situations ranging from scuffling with a raccoon, drinking from an infected puddle, or being bitten by a tick – to help ensure other owners learn from their mistakes.

Certain vaccines – such as regular rabies vaccinations – are required by law in most states as a condition of owning a dog or cat,1 in addition to helping protect pets from this deadly disease, which is transmittable from animals to humans. Some other vaccines may be highly recommended depending on a particular pet's chances of exposure – a judgment best left to a veterinarian.

"Cats and dogs may be at particular risk for some diseases depending on where they live and whether they regularly come into contact with other pets or wildlife," added Dr. Menardi.

For more information on vaccines, to learn more about how pets may be exposed to vaccine-preventable illness or to share pet vaccination story, pet owners can visit

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1 American Veterinary Medical Association Web site. State Legislative Resources. State Rabies Laws. Accessed June 1, 2012.


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