Pete's Electric Bikes Unveils Innovative Products at Interbike

Pete's Electric Bikes today unveiled three new products designed to revolutionize the electric bike transportation industry.

Sep 19, 2012, 08:00 ET from Pete’s Electric Bikes

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Pete's Electric Bikes today unveiled three new products designed to revolutionize the electric bike transportation industry: an electric bikeshare eBike, an electric mid-drive cargo eBike, and a mid-drive eTrike with two wheels in front.


The annual Interbike convention provides the backdrop for the introduction of these innovative products.

The electric bikeshare eBike takes its cue from bike sharing systems popping up all over the country, but expands their utility to riders with less physical ability, terrain with more hills, or anyone with less of an appetite for showing up to work or an appointment dripping with sweat. The electric bikeshare eBikes feature the proven Panasonic mid-drive motor and battery system.  The electric bikeshare station features an advanced charging/locking system that combines a locking mechanism with a charging unit.  Pete's Electric Bikes has partnered with Bike In, a manufacturer of electric bikeshare stations to expand, innovate and deploy the electric bikeshare model in North America.

Pete's mid-drive cargo bike allows riders to efficiently transport large loads while the Panasonic mid-drive motor effortlessly assists.  Given the efficiency of the mid-drive motor system and the demands of carrying cargo, it makes perfect sense to marry the two.  The only cargo bikes available today utilize hub motors which fall down when asked to move heavy loads or climb steep hills.  The mid-drive, because it takes advantage of the gearing system on the bicycle, is significantly more efficient and offers a seamless pedal-assist.  The cargo system is based on the Xtracycle products and offers quite a bit of flexibility for carrying a wide range of cargo.  Go ahead, sell your truck.

Finally, Pete's is introducing a mid-drive eTricycle that couples sleek design with that feeling you had when you rode your first bicycle.  It offers stability and mobility to a population of riders needing the first and wanting the second.  The eTrike is designed around the proven Panasonic mid-drive motor system.  With two  wheels in-front Pete's eTrike offers stability not available with traditional, two wheels in back, tricycles.  Loads can be carried up front where you can keep an eye on them, especially important with living creatures.

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Pete's, founded in 2004, is owned and operated by Dean Keyek-Franssen and Chuck Ankeny, both crazy inventors and serial entrepreneurs whose careers collided completely by accident, or so it would seem, in mid-2009.  Pete's is quickly becoming the premier retailer and manufacturer of electric bikes in North America.  Pete's expansion model is focused on store growth, innovative products, highly experienced technical expertise, a deep understanding of the electric bike markets in North America obtained from 8 years in the retail space and 10 years in the engineering of electric bikes.  Pete's is entering a new phase of franchising it's model.

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