Phantom Fireworks Offers Dry Weather Fireworks Safety Tips

Jun 30, 2012, 11:36 ET from Phantom Fireworks

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, June 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With unprecedented dry weather and fires in so many parts of the country, Phantom Fireworks, the nation's premier consumer fireworks retailer, urges all fireworks fans to be especially mindful and take extra precautions during any backyard show. It is essential to follow state laws to ensure that fireworks are never used in areas where they have been prohibited by state or local authorities or where the risk of fire is high.

"Phantom wants all our customers and friends to enjoy the fun and excitement of fireworks," said Bruce J. Zoldan, President of Phantom Fireworks. "But we want them to do so in a safe and careful manner in areas where fireworks use will not endanger the environment. Unseasonably hot temperatures and dry conditions require extra precautions before, during and after a fireworks launch."

In dry weather areas where the use of fireworks is permitted, Phantom offers the following special tips to ensure a safe, responsible and enjoyable show.

  • Whenever possible select a large, paved surface, such as a concrete or asphalt parking lot, as the fireworks launch site. If a paved site is not available, select a dirt area free of grass or vegetation. Keep the fireworks away from any wooded and grassy areas.
  • Wet down the launch site at least 30 feet in diameter for ground-based products and 150 feet for aerial products before lighting any fireworks. This will ensure that if errant sparks do hit the ground, they will have a very minimal chance of igniting.
  • Always keep a ready source of water available. Phantom recommends a connected hose, but a fire extinguisher or even a bucket of water will suffice.
  • Be mindful of windy conditions. Powerful gusts can knock over products or spread sparks outside the soaked area. Sometimes it is necessary to delay launching until high winds subside.
  • Appoint one adult as the 'fireman' whose job is to watch the fireworks trajectory and make sure that if any sparks touch the ground, no fire is started. The 'fireman' should immediately douse any areas where sparks or embers do touch down and should also douse any spent products.
  • Never allow minor children to handle or light fireworks. Children should enjoy fireworks by watching from a safe distance, but never by handling the products.
  • Keep in mind that pets, especially dogs, often have a negative reaction to the loud noises and bright lights and colors from fireworks. Phantom recommends keeping pets indoors for the duration of any backyard show to muffle the noise and obscure the lights. Owners can also consult their veterinarians for a variety of safe and simple treatments for pets that become distressed during fireworks shows.
  • Thoroughly soak and properly dispose of all spent products after the show and clean up leftover debris. It is especially important for pet owners to do so, because some of the chemicals in spent products maybe harmful to pets if consumed. Store any extra or unused fireworks in a fireproof, covered container located away from any homes and building.

During this vulnerable time, Phantom urges that citizens use extra caution and follow all safety rules and especially the dry weather safety tips when using consumer fireworks. This way, you can help ensure a safe and happy Fourth of July for everyone.

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