Pharma Clinical Trial Services: World Industry and Market Prospects 2015-2025

Jul 10, 2015, 09:00 ET from Visiongain

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Clinical Trials - Discover Commercial Potentials of Outsourced Drug Testing, Benefiting Your Authority
What does the future hold for pharmaceutical clinical research providers? Visiongain's new study gives you multilevel revenue forecasts from 2015 to 2025. It explains trends, opportunities and selling prospects for that drug development and testing.

Our report predicts sales at overall world market, submarket and national level. There you find the most promising and lucrative parts of clinical trial outsourcing, helping your research and analysis. That way stay ahead, saving time and hassle, also benefiting your influence.

Clinical research organisations (CROs) and drug companies using them will benefit from expansion of that industry and market. Those technologies and outsourced services hold rising importance in pharmaceutical R&D. See why and how, finding the gains possible.

Read on, then, to explore those contracting services for benefiting medicine. Find what influences that market and see predicted revenue.

Forecasts and other analyses to help you stay ahead in knowledge
Why struggle to find information or miss data you need on clinical outsourcing and off-shoring? Instead reduce worry there, helping your searches, proposals and presentations.

So in our work discover where the money lies, and best places for business expansion. In that study you explore revenue forecasting to 2025, results and other statistics, growth rates, leading companies and market shares.

You also assess qualitative analysis (SWOT and STEP), news, business progress, outlooks and developmental needs - pharma R&D trends and demands. You find expected gains.

There you get 78 tables, 65 charts and interviews with three companies. The clinical testing market will increase its revenues from 2015 to 2025, achieving strong sales expansion. Our survey's purpose is to explain those needs, opportunities and potentials.

That way you hear what's happening, helping you stay ahead. And the following sections explain how our new investigation benefits your work.

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Predictions for the world market and submarkets - what's possible?
Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market, you see individual forecasts to 2025 for nine submarkets:

• Early phase services
• Late phase services
• Other related services (grouped).

You also get individual forecasts for contract clinical services at world level by therapeutic area:

• Cancer (oncology)
• Cardiovascular diseases
• CNS disorders
• Metabolic conditions
• Infective diseases
• Other treatment testing needs (grouped prediction).

There gain advantages by understanding trends, needs, opportunities and challenges. Our investigation shows what will stimulate and restrain CROs, helping you stay ahead in knowledge. That way, benefit your business and reputation for commercial insight.

Our work also divides its overall world sales forecast into geographical markets.

Clinical trial outsourcing - what prospects for research in leading regions and countries?
Demands worldwide from drug developers influence service providers from 2015, especially extending clinical research in developing countries. Many opportunities exist for pharmaceutical companies and contract research providers. See outlooks for clinical testing.

Our new study gives individual forecasts to 2025 for 12 national markets and a regional group, predicting overall revenues:

United States (US)
Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain (EU5 countries)
• Central and Eastern Europe (CEE, grouped forecast of that region)
Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC nations) and South Korea.

There discover progress and commercial outlooks. You assess the industry's future - hear about

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Forces, policies and changes from 2015 affecting clinical testing services
Our report discusses regulations, changes and other influences shaping that industry and market from 2015:

• Future of outsourced phase I, II and III trials and post-marketing studies, inc. pharmacovigilance
• Demand from pharmaceutical companies for drug safety and efficacy testing, including new trial designs
• Regulations (e.g. FDA, EMA, MHLW) - policies, guidelines, ethics, changes and what they mean for that contracting industry and trial sponsors
• Number of registered studies - present and historical trends
• Challenges in developed and developing countries - improving systems and results
• Adaptive trial designs for medicines and focus on late-stage R&D pipeline candidates
• Patient recruitment and retention - overcoming challenges.

The survey also discusses these aspects of that medical research and development:

• Social media as tools for engaging patients in trials - communications technology
• Operational improvements for more-efficient trials - inc. electronic health records, IT advances in medical data capture, databases and cloud computing
• Risk-sharing partnerships and agreements between CROs and pharma clients
• CRO consolidation, specialisation and globalisation, including mergers, acquisitions and alliances, including supplier networks
• Biological drug testing, inc. orphan drugs, biosimilars and emerging biologics - extending applications and ranges of therapeutic research
• Biomarkers in drug development - improving the efficiency and precision of testing and data analysis, also with cost savings.

That way you find what stimulates and restrains organisations providing those testing operations, affecting their results and those of clients.

So see what the future holds. You investigate social, technological, economic and political questions, exploring companies, competition and business outlooks. Avoid falling behind.

Leading companies and 2019 market value - what revenue possible?
Our study predicts the overall world market for clinical trial services will reach $32bn in 2019, with high, fast-expanding revenues to 2025. From 2015 that outsourcing sector holds great potential for investments, developments and revenue growth. You see how it will progress.

That work profiles 14 leading CROs, ranging from global market players to regional medium-sized companies. The competitive intelligence includes these firms:

• Quintiles
• Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
• Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)
• Parexel International
• inVentiv Health
• PRA Health Sciences
• Charles River Laboratories.

Also you discover interviews with three companies: Quotient Clinical, MPI Research and The Clinical Trial Company. How do CROs remain competitive? What are the secrets to their industry's progress? Find what influences clinical research contractors' success.

From 2015 to 2025, many opportunities will arise for pharma contract research organisations. Stay ahead there. Our work shows technological and commercial possibilities. It explains how professionals such as you - and their organisations - can gain.

Way Pharma Clinical Trial Services: World Industry and Market Prospects 2015-2025 helps
In these five main ways, our new study helps you gain in recognition for insight, also saving time and benefiting your authority:
• Revenues for pharma clinical outsourcing, to 2025, at world level and for 9 submarkets - discover prospects for services, testing needs and spending trends
• Forecasts, to 2025, for 12 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia - explore developed and developing national markets for demand and predicted revenues
• Prospects for established organisations, rising companies and new entrants - assess firms' portfolios, results, technologies, strategies and outlooks for success
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains clinical testing providers - investigate challenges, strengths and competition affecting those organisations' results
• Interviews with that industry - discover what other experts in that field think, say and do, helping you stay ahead in technological, medical and commercial knowledge.

That report, by visiongain's in-house analysts in the UK, gives knowledge to benefit your work, saving you hassle and time. You gain data leading companies depend on.

Information found nowhere else, helping your searches, analyses, plans and presentations
That work gives independent analysis. There you get competitive intelligence found only in our report, discovering the CRO industry's most promising opportunities and financial prospects.

An off-the-shelf report can't answer every question, though our work explains that industry's structures, outlooks and potentials in depth and breadth. That's our purpose, helping you stay ahead and succeed.

With our new study you're less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See there how you could benefit your research, analyses and decisions, saving time, helping your business and gaining in recognition for market insight.

Trying our report now lets you discover what's possible, seeing how you can gain
Stay ahead in data. Our new investigation is for everyone assessing pharmaceutical R&D operations. For clinical testing services you explore trends, needs, opportunities and revenue potentials.

So discover what's possible and avoid missing out. Please get that report here now.

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