PharmaTrust(TM) to launch next generation MedCentre(TM) Remote Dispensing System Version 3.0

Oct 18, 2010, 08:00 ET from PharmaTrust

New MedCentre delivers a remote dispensing platform designed to support enhanced patient care, convenience, scalability, and security.

TORONTO, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ - PharmaTrust is launching the next generation of the MedCentre remote dispensing system with world-class features that redefine and take remote dispensing services to the next level. The MedCentre is a modular, scalable solution designed to meet both patients' need for convenience and counseling and healthcare professionals' responsibility to deliver the highest level of care.

Key features include*:

  • Real-time video counseling
  • Ultra-fast (sub 1 minute) dispense times
  • Dual multilingual touch screen interfaces to accommodate multiple, simultaneous patients receiving pharmacist counseling in their language of choice
  • Pill counting and refrigeration modules
  • Secure inventory vault with capacity for over 2000 medications, prescription and OTC
  • Accommodates all classes of OTC's and prescription medications
  • Complete integration with home delivery services for added patient convenience
  • Integration with the MedHome compliance and personal dispensing unit for complete pharmacy care
  • 24/7 operational support and patient access to the MedCentre
  • Supports reduction in poly-pharmacy

The PharmaTrust MedCentre delivers remote dispensing wherever and whenever the patient needs it through real-time control of the dispensing process by the pharmacist. With the MedCentre, patients simply insert their prescription, receive live, face-to-face video counseling from the pharmacist and walk away with their prescription.

The MedCentre platform gives pharmacists and other healthcare professionals everything needed to provide high quality, safe and effective remote medication dispensing services. It ensures complete pharmacist control over the dispensing process while providing patients with fast, convenient and safe access to prescription and OTC medications.

According to Peter Suma, Chief Operating Officer of PharmaTrust, the new MedCentre is both evolutionary and revolutionary. "Our third generation MedCentre holds more medications and enables a pharmacist to dispense prescriptions faster without compromising quality or safety," Suma said. "Our ongoing discussions with patients and pharmacists ensure we continue evolving the MedCentre to meet their changing needs. Pill counting and refrigeration are just two examples of design enhancements developed specifically to meet customer needs."

Don Waugh, CEO of PharmaTrust adds, "The third generation allows PharmaTrust to deliver services to patients and pharmacists in the United Kingdom and the United States following very successful and well received demonstrations across both countries during the past six months."

*Features to be used where authorized by regulation standards

About PharmaTrustTM Inc.:

PharmaTrustTM is the developer, manufacturer and operator of the PharmaTrustTM line of remote healthcare technologies and services. The PharmaTrust MedCentreTM creates a new strategic choice for healthcare industries to deliver innovative telemedicine and pharmacy services.

The PharmaTrust MedCentreTM is a complete pharmacist controlled, automated pharmacy dispensing system. It can dispense over 2000 different medications, is 100% remotely pharmacist controlled and audited and can put 24-hour pharmacies anywhere without the barriers of time, distance, language or costs of traditional pharmacies.

SOURCE PharmaTrust