Pharos Resources Delivers Pentaho-Powered SaaS BI in Just 4 Weeks

Higher Education SaaS Brings Student Retention Intelligence to College Administrators and Support Staff

Jul 18, 2012, 09:00 ET from Pentaho Corporation

ORLANDO, Fla., July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Delivering the future of business analytics, Pentaho Corporation today announced that Pharos Resources, a SaaS provider of retention intelligence for higher education colleges and universities, has successfully embedded Pentaho Business Analytics into its Pharos Insight offering. Pentaho's cloud-ready, easy-to-embed platform and Powered by Pentaho program have enabled Pharos to bring Pharos Insights to market in just four weeks.

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Constrained by in-house data integration and analytics, the original Pharos solution did not provide an in-depth representation of student population. End users, such as school administrators and support staff, required more sophisticated analytics that could drill through student data by ethnicity, ACT/SAT scores, disability, GPA, financial aid, major of study, and religious affiliation.

In search of a user-friendly business analytics solution for clients in the education sector, Pharos selected Pentaho because its:

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop analytics are ideal for non-technical users such as school administrators and staff;
  • Embeddable platform is easy to white-label and rebrand;
  • Pentaho Data Integration capabilities enable Pharos to quickly profile and load client data, create a quick proof of concept environment and win new business;
  • Total value in comparison to offerings from proprietary and other open source BI vendors.

Now, with Pentaho Analytics embedded in Pharos Insight, school administration offices at colleges across the country can better understand their students, resolve key issues facing at-risk students, improve student retention and graduation rates.

For Pharos Resources, becoming a Pentaho partner has enabled them to:

  • Provide a higher-value product that brings "retention intelligence" to universities and higher education institutions;
  • Grow revenue by 25% with the new Pharos Insight module;
  • Increase customer ROI with a 24- to 48-hours ramp up for any university to get going with Pentaho – rebranded as Pharos Insight;
  • Leapfrog competitors and expand into new markets, and build close partnerships with leading consulting firms.

Quotes and Multimedia:

"What is beautiful about Pentaho is the insight that student administration offices gain from seeing student fallout population - as the semester goes on – way before it's too late. This helps higher education colleges improve their student retention. Pentaho is at the core of our 'retention intelligence' product module - Pharos Insight."

--  Matt Boisvert, Co-Founder and COO, Pharos Resources

"Building something at the same caliber as Pentaho Business Analytics would have taken us more than 18 months. Instead, we decided to keep our team lean. We went to market with Pentaho in just four weeks, using only half of a developer's time. Pentaho is now embedded in Pharos Insight, our Retention Intelligence product."

--  Topher Fangio, System Architect, Pharos Resources

Learn more about Pharos Resources' success embedding Pentaho Business Analytics. Read the online case study or view the 30-minute on-demand webinar.

Learn more about the Powered by Pentaho program and how you can go to market in 8 weeks or less.

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