Phononic launches solid-state freezer achieving refrigeration milestone

Evolve™ compressor-free compact freezer expands product family and debuts at 2015 ASHE Conference

Jul 13, 2015, 09:30 ET from Phononic

BOSTON, July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- For two centuries or more, inventors have been trying to perfect refrigeration technology.  Now the unprecedented is happening with Phononic's unveiling of the Evolve™ compact freezer – a compressor-free, pharmacy-grade cold storage unit.  The 1.8 cubic foot freezer, on display at booth #929 at the ASHE Conference and Exhibition in Boston through July 14, features proprietary SilverCore™ solid-state technology that ensures consistent temperature stability and reliable performance.  By efficiently moving particles of heat known as phonons via non-toxic coolant, SilverCore technology is revolutionizing the ability to create cold temperatures.

"Our solid-state technology achieves freezer performance thought impossible from a solid-state solution, represents a refrigeration milestone and meets the demanding requirements of healthcare professionals," said Tony Atti, founder and CEO of Phononic.  "Our commitment to disrupting the decades-old compressor paradigm will help further life-changing research and stop putting vital inventory at risk."

Whether testing blood and tissue specimens for biomarkers to discover early stage cancer; storing sensitive drugs and vaccines in the supply chain; or protecting costly reagents and enzymes used in genomics testing, the Evolve product family offers a state-of-the-art solution and significant advantages for pharmacy managers, lab managers and other healthcare professionals. The Evolve compact freezer, suitable for benchtop use or work stations, meets their exacting requirements by ensuring precise, stable and uniform temperatures between minus 15 and minus 25 C in normal ambient working environments and even up to 32 C. Additionally, with an integrated and WiFi-connected monitoring solution, the Evolve unit provides a live status report on temperature conditions, sending alerts to mobile devices or the web forewarning of temperature deviations that can prevent material losses collectively costing millions of dollars annually.

"Evolve consumes significantly lower energy than a compressor-based system," said Mike Demasi, vice president and general manager of Phononic's Cold Products business. "And because it's so energy efficient, it can run on a battery backup power supply for several hours, adding even more peace of mind for our customers in hurricane prone regions of the US or countries with inconsistent supplies of power."

Pre-orders are now being taken for the Evolve freezer with production planned for late 2015.

About Evolve

The new pharmacy-grade freezer is part of the Evolve family of compressor-free cold storage products.  A 1.8 cubic foot refrigerator, with Phononic signature SilverCore technology, was introduced in June, and an undercounter refrigerator is scheduled for launch in 2016.

About Phononic

Phononic is revolutionizing cooling and heating with solid state thermal management solutions. Headquartered in the heart of North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, the company provides solid state semiconductor technology that can be applied to everything from refrigeration to fiber optics, removing the barriers of traditional approaches and ushering in a new era of cooling and heating. The result is a solution to this age-old challenge that is distributed, convenient, sustainable and connected. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @Phononicrtp.

Phononic's EvolveTM product line, includes a 1.8 cubic foot freezer (pictured), which features a solid-state, compressor-free system with stable and uniform temperature settings between minus 15 C and minus 25 C.

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