Photography Business Classes for the Professional and the Emerging Photographer at Crea8fotos

A good business plan will save your photography business. Learn how to write your budgets, marketing plans: A good social media plan will make you an entrepreneur that is in control of your company. Learn to run your photography business.

Dec 03, 2012, 10:39 ET from Crea8fotos Photography Classes

MIAMI, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Crea8fotos is teaching the Business of Photography.

For Professional Photographers and Emerging Photographers.

Crea8fotos teaches photographers how to look at their art and create a business that will allow photographers to earn an income.

The Business of Photography teaches how to do research and find a target market. Learn to use social media efficiently and as part of the business marketing plans. To create a budget that will allow photographers to have control of their financial realities.  How to plan for a large purchase and how to work towards a real vacation.  

Is this something you do for your photography business?  If not, this is very important and the Business of Photography Class will help you be more of an entrepreneur than a hobbyist.

Become a photographer entrepreneur and take control of your small business.

Many photographers will think of their skills as an art and that is true, it is an art. But...When you want to have photography as a business you will need to learn how to run the business so that you will earn an income.  

Writing goals and making plans are important.  Understanding which type of company you should open is crucial.  

Learning about copyright will protect your income.

Learning about accounting: Controlling expenses and proper accounting will keep your business operating smoothly.  

Who should take these classes:
  • Self-Taught Photographers.
    Many photographers are self-taught.  They start dabbling in children photography when they have kids and find themselves among many moms who want photos of their children.  I have met many boudoir photographers who started the same way.
    The problem came when they shot everyone they knew from their circle and did not know where to go from there.  The other problem came from lack of financial planning.  For some reason, photographers really don't seem to like to look at their numbers...hmmm how to make that a successful business?
  • Photographers who studied fine art exclusively.
    By the way, this is not exclusive to these types of photography.  This is a problem that arises for many self-taught photographers or photographers that did not have business classes in college.
  • Professional Photographers who need to organize their growing business.
    There is nothing better than a successful and growing business.  It's easy to lose control of things if you don't have a good plan that will keep you in the right direction.
  • Photographers who need and want Business Coaching.
    When you are too busy shooting and don't have the time to take courses and learn about marketing or how to implement new ideas into your business.  Need help to stay on track.  Being accountable will help you make your goals become part of your business plan.
  • Photographers Artists:  How to make an income with your art? What to do about showing your work and how to create a plan B for income.

Crea8fotos teaches private classes and classes online to photographers who live throughout the US and in different countries.


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