PiggyBee Buzz Grows as the World Discovers Eco-Friendly Shipping

Feb 05, 2013, 10:45 ET from PiggyBee

BRUSSELS, February 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

A new startup founded by two Belgian cousins has initiated a revolutionary concept of 'collaborative shipping' that is transforming the way we transport goods.

http://www.PiggyBee.com is the brainchild of David Vuylsteke and Sebastien Desemberg and allows people to transport items free of charge via independent travelers. This simple yet ingenious idea is proving to be massively successful through tapping into the philosophy of sharing and collaborating that has led to other collaborative consumption trends such a couchsurfing, carpooling and the Airbnb accommodation service.  

The way it works couldn't be simpler. Anybody looking to transport goods can list them, stipulating where it should go from and to, as well as offering a reward for the traveler - such as a pick up from the airport, a city tour, a meal, accommodation or an invitation to a party - which adds a special human element to the service. Travelers are then able to look for suitable opportunities as well as posting their own travel plans and what they would like to receive in return for their services as an impromptu courier.

Strong terms are in place to prevent any abuse of the new collaborative shipping system and many friendships are being forged through Piggybee, as travelers meet up and socialise with the recipients of their cargo. The site is intended for use worldwide - available in nine different languages - but no journey is too long or short. Whether it's Paris to Brussels or London to Sydney, Piggybee is getting the job done.

"Sebastien and I first hit on this idea out of necessity as I live in Belgium and he lives in South Africa and we often wanted to transport gifts for family back and forth between both countries," explains co-founder David Vuylsteke. "Transport costs were making it very expensive so we thought - 'if someone else is traveling that route, why don't we ask them to take things for us?!' This is the seed from which Piggybee grew and we have now started a really exciting trend in collaborative shipping - the site is used by people worldwide and it presents a cheap, efficient and eco-friendly way of transporting parcels. The demand is strong and the amount of users is growing all the time."


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