Pike Pulse Report: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment: Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 14 Global Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Companies

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Pike Pulse Report: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment: Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 14 Global Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Companies


A surge of new companies has moved into the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) market over the past 18 months. However, the EVSE market is currently quite small, as EVSE sales are dependent on plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) sales, which have grown slowly since the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt were launched in 2010. The EVSE market is expected to rise from just less than 200,000 units sold in 2012 to almost 2.4 million in 2020. The market is also entering a new phase where it will be less dependent on government-funded deployments and thus required to present an attractive return on investment for potential EVSE operators.

The 14 electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturers in this Pike Pulse report all offer Level 2 units to residential and commercial customers, with many also offering Level 1 equipment and DC charging. ChargePoint (formerly Coulomb Technologies) and DBT ranked as Leaders in this Pike Pulse report as a result of their range of feature-rich EVSE offerings, current market share, geographic reach, and vision for competing successfully in the next phase of the EVSE market. Most other vendors are ranked as Contenders, including the major multinationals that have not yet reached significant market share but are well positioned to refine their EVSE offerings and potentially capture greater market share as the ESVE market increases.

This Pike Research report evaluates 14 EVSE manufacturers positioning themselves to become global players and rates them on 12 criteria for strategy and execution, including vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, production strategy and roadmap, technical innovation, geographic reach, market share, sales and marketing, product performance and features, product portfolio and ecosystem, pricing, and staying power. Using Pike Research's proprietary Pike Pulse methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies' relative strengths and weaknesses in the growing global EVSE market.

Top 10 Vendors:

1. ChargePoint

2. DBT

3. Chargemaster

4. Schneider Electric

5. General Electric

6. ECOtality

7. ClipperCreek

8. AeroVironment

9. Siemens

10. Efacec

Key Questions Addressed:

• Which manufacturers of Level 2 EVSE are current market leaders for commercial and residential applications, and why?

• Which electric vehicle charging equipment companies are best positioned to become global market leaders by competing successfully in the most important EVSE geographic markets?

• What are the major trends in the EVSE market to which manufacturers must adapt in order to see future growth?

• Which manufacturers are positioned to experience future growth as the EVSE market expands?

• How do the multinational conglomerates compare against the small companies whose business is exclusively or primarily the EVSE business?

Who needs this report?

• Automobile manufacturers and suppliers

• Electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturers and suppliers

• Electric vehicle charging equipment network operators

• Electric vehicle battery manufacturers

• Fleet managers

• Utilities

• Government agencies and policymakers

• Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Pike Pulse Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1 Market Definition

2.2 EVSE Market Drivers

2.2.1 PEV Sales

2.2.2 Government Programs

2.2.3 Standards

2.2.4 Data on Charging Trends

2.3 EVSE Market Barriers

2.3.1 Performance

2.3.2 Players

2.3.3 Business Models

2.4 EVSE Market Trends

3. The Pike Pulse

3.1 Pike Pulse Categories

3.1.1 Leaders

3.1.2 Contenders

3.1.3 Challengers


3.2 The Pike Pulse Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1 Leaders

4.1.1 ChargePoint Inc.

4.1.2 DBT

4.2 Contenders

4.2.1 Chargemaster

4.2.2 Schneider Electric

4.2.3 General Electric

4.2.4 ECOtality

4.2.5 ClipperCreek

4.2.6 AeroVironment

4.2.7 Siemens

4.2.8 Efacec

4.2.9 Eaton

4.2.10 Leviton

4.3 Challengers

4.3.1 Legrand

4.3.2 Better Place


5. Company Directory

6. Acronym and Abbreviation List

7. Table of Contents

8. Table of Charts and Figures

9. Scope of Study and Methodology

9.1 Scope of Study

9.2 Sources and Methodology

9.2.1 Vendor Selection

9.2.2 Ratings Scale Score Calculations

9.2.3 Criteria Definitions Strategy Execution

List of Charts and Figures

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

• Total EVSE Unit Sales by Region, World Markets: 2012-2020

• ChargePoint Strategy & Execution Scores

• DBT Strategy & Execution Scores

• Chargemaster Strategy & Execution Scores

• Schneider Electric Strategy & Execution Scores

• GE Strategy & Execution Scores

• ECOtality Strategy & Execution Scores

• ClipperCreek Strategy & Execution Scores

• AeroVironment Strategy & Execution Scores

• Siemens Strategy & Execution Scores

• Efacec Strategy & Execution Scores

• Eaton Strategy & Execution Scores

• Leviton Strategy & Execution Scores

• Legrand Strategy & Execution Scores

• Better Place Strategy & Execution Scores

• The Pike Pulse Grid: ChargePoint

• The Pike Pulse Grid: DBT

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Chargemaster

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Schneider Electric

• The Pike Pulse Grid: GE

• The Pike Pulse Grid: ECOtality

• The Pike Pulse Grid: ClipperCreek

• The Pike Pulse Grid: AeroVironment

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Siemens

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Efacec

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Eaton

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Leviton

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Legrand

• The Pike Pulse Grid: Better Place

List of Tables

• Pike Pulse Vendor Overall Scores

• Vendor Scores

• Vendor Scores on Strategy Criteria

• Vendor Scores on Execution Criteria

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