Pinnaclife Supplements Aid People in Achieving a Healthy Nutritional Balance

Jan 25, 2012, 15:40 ET from Pinnaclife

CORALVILLE, Iowa, Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the recent announcement by celebrity chef, Paula Dean, of her battle with Type 2 Diabetes, the nation has reinvested an important and necessary interest in the disease and nutrition. Over the past two decades, reported cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes have risen dramatically. The American Diabetes Association reported 1.9 million people in the United States alone were diagnosed with diabetes, and 79 million with pre-diabetes.  Once thought to be a disease reserved for the elderly, obese and or those identified by specific racial backgrounds, today this disease affects Americans across the board. Research shows, and leading experts in the healthcare and nutrition fields agree, that Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that is preventable, can be managed through a healthy diet and may even be reversible.


Dr. Darlene McCord of Pinnaclife in Coralville, Iowa is a biochemist and works in the field of cellular micronutrients. Her companies, McCord Research and Pinnaclife develop and distribute healthcare products that focus on the supplementation of small-molecule micronutrients to promote health.  McCord commented, "As a cancer survivor, I know the courage it takes to accept that you've been diagnosed with a disease, and begin the long journey towards healing. As a public figure, what Ms. Dean has done is courageous. More importantly, she has allowed this country to strike up the conversation about Type 2 Diabetes and nutrition again. She's opened the door for all of us, celebrity and private citizens alike, to take action."

Dr. McCord added, "There is a new hope on the horizon for people struggling with their health. We have worked with hundreds of people and helped them manage their nutritional requirements and allowed them to look forward to improved health.  Nutrition is critical. Our body's cells rely on the nutrients we get from our diet to function optimally. If we fail in our diets, we have a greater chance of encountering disease in our lifetime."

In 2004, McCord developed a micronutrient blend called Olivamine, which she added to her advanced skin and wound care line, Remedy. McCord's research suggested that the delivery of small-molecule micronutrients directly to the skin's cells would aid in their protection and repair. The Remedy line quickly became and remains the number one used line in hospitals and nursing homes in North America.

In 2009, McCord developed her Olivamine10 blend as an oral supplement. The line is intended to aid people in achieving a healthy nutritional balance. McCord commented, "After recovering from breast cancer, I had the Olivamine10 supplement made for my own personal use. Then I thought, who else could use this? Who else needs hope and help on their journey to good health? From this thought, Pinnaclife supplements were born."

In 2011, McCord's theories of small-molecule micronutrient supplementation were proven and published. The research found that cells that were treated within a laboratory setting with hydroxytyrosol, an ingredient in Olivamine10, lived longer then those that were not." McCord added, "The published study supports the clinical results we have been seeing for the past several years."

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