Pinnaclife Surpasses 50 Mark In Retail Locations

Nov 22, 2011, 13:00 ET from Pinnaclife

CORALVILLE, Iowa, Nov. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Pinnaclife Inc. of Coralville, Iowa announced today that they have surpassed the 50 retail-outlets mark this week. Dr. Darlene McCord commented, "This is a benchmark for our company and for healthcare."


Dr. McCord is the biochemist behind Olivamine® based Pinnaclife supplements. Olivamine® is McCord's patent-pending blend of micronutrients that works as a pro-oxidant on a cellular level. Olivamine® is currently the main component of Medline Industries #1 hospital-based skin and wound care line, Remedy with Olivamine®, and in May of 2011, research results came out of the University of Iowa which stated that Hydroxytyrosol, the main component of Olivamine®, was proven "to increase the life of cells by 20% in a disease-free state." (AGE Journal, May 2011) The same science that makes Remedy so successful is available to the general public in Pinnaclife Supplements.

McCord commented, "We live in a society that is focused on reaction to disease and the treatment of symptoms. Olivamine® has been proven in the lab and in life to treat when nothing else will. Now, with Olivamine® based Pinnaclife Supplements available in more retail locations than ever before, we have an opportunity to focus on the prevention of disease." The Pinnaclife team works with leading healthcare professionals everyday to give people a fighting chance. While disease is on the rise, and the prescription crisis that has already affected the Quad Cities Area in Iowa looms on the horizon for the rest of the state and beyond, the Pinnaclife team works toward helping people find the best solutions to achieving optimal health.  "Olivamine® based Pinnaclife supplements provide essential nutrients for our body's cells," McCord said. "They are based in science and are a cost effective way to maintain good health and return to a state of health if we've gotten off track."

Pinnaclife Supplements with Olivamine® are available at CarePro Pharmacies in the Cedar Rapids area, Anytime Fitness in North Liberty and Kirksville, MO, Pharmacy Matters in Iowa City and North Liberty, The offices of chiropractors Dr. Mary Audia and Dr. Connie Grauer, William Wesley Salon, Blaze Color Salon, Get Healthy PA in Richboro, PA and Hy-Vee Grocery Stores in the Iowa City area, Des Moines and Central Iowa, Storm Lake, Carroll, Clinton, Quincy and Galesburg, IL and the Quad Cities. "Our Partners," Dr. McCord added, "provide the communities they serve with valuable assets for health. The pharmacists and trainers and chiropractors and MD Doctors and Dietitians, and the list goes on, who work with us on a daily basis understand nutrition and that good nutrition and good health go hand in hand. Together, we are working towards creating a better quality of life through better health for everyone." 

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