Pipeline Integrity: New Book Clarifies Controversial Topic

Jun 07, 2012, 11:02 ET from Clarion

HOUSTON, June 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy pipeline sector controversies, including the Keystone XL Pipeline and Enbridge-Enterprise Products projects that will move heavy crude from Canadian tar sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast, are in the news and on the minds of many in the energy industry, environmental groups and the public at large.

The pipeline politics are clear, but is everyone speaking the same language?

A new book, the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity by Reena Sahney and Guy Desjardins, provides a common vocabulary for the most important aspects of pipeline operations and maintenance. It is an essential guide for everyone involved in or affected by the 2.5 million miles of U.S. pipelines which move 65 percent of the nation's energy supply across the country to industrial plants and homes.

Published by Clarion Technical Publishers, this book is an illustrated, A-to-Z reference guide on a range of topics that comprise what regulators and pipeline owners call "pipeline integrity." It compiles the common terms, concepts, technologies and methods that one is likely to encounter in study and practice, whether for improved operations, litigation support, environmental advocacy, or academic research in this specialized field.

Co-author Reena Sahney, an energy sector consultant, said, "Our current reliance on fossil fuels is a reality, and transporting these materials is a necessity. To discuss how we can ensure pipelines remain the safest way of transporting oil and gas, we need a definitive vocabulary and a robust dialogue among everyone involved."

Co-author Guy Desjardins, a longtime specialist in pipeline inspection and risk and reliability analysis of pipeline systems, added, "Straight talk about pipelines must begin with a common vocabulary. Any constructive dialogue around a controversial topic requires this, and the issues related to pipelines are no different."

Publisher B.J. Lowe said, "The definitions and articles are written in language accessible to the non-specialist in order to simplify complex concepts, so that the reader gets a quick overview. This is a book for pipeline professionals as well as anyone interested in better understanding pipeline integrity."

The 1,000-plus entries are well illustrated with 200 drawings, diagrams, charts and tables, making the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity a practical and essential companion to anyone involved in or affected by the pipeline industry.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pipeline Integrity
by Guy Desjardins and Reena Sahney
310 pages, illustrated, $120. Available in hardcover print and Acrobat e-Book formats.
ISBN 978-0-9717945-6-6
Published by Clarion Technical Publishers, Houston, Texas
Order online at Clarion.org or Amazon.com

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