Pittsburgh's Ultimate Haunted House Knows What Scares You

Sep 08, 2010, 09:25 ET from The ScareHouse

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Visitors to The ScareHouse® haunted attraction won't find vampires in capes, ghosts in chains, or witches in pointy hats - but they will find possessed babysitters, steampunk warriors, and a bad bunny with a taste for blood.  

"Modern audiences are no longer scared by creepy castles, haunted manors, and a guy in a hockey mask," says Scott Simmons, creative director and co-owner of The ScareHouse®.  "Entering our haunted house is like stepping into a real-life horror movie, and our guests want that experience to match the same level of intensity and realism that they would expect to see and feel in movies like SAW or Paranormal Activity. "

So what scares Pittsburgh's fright fans this year?  Angry clowns, lunatics with power tools, failed exorcisms, and...

"A giant rabbit," Simmons says with a laugh. "Very few people like being in a dark room with a guy in a bunny suit, especially when he's holding an axe."

The ScareHouse® has been named as one of America's scariest Halloween attractions by Travel Channel and also ranked as one of the country's top haunted houses by both Haunted Attraction and Fangoria magazines.  This fall, The ScareHouse® will present three terrifying attractions for just one price: RAMPAGE, Delirium 3-D, and a brand new haunt: The Forsaken.

The Forsaken is the most intense haunted attraction ever created by The ScareHouse® team of artists and designers. The carnival offers only pain, the abandoned ruins offer no protection, and the basement offers little hope of survival.  Plus, the party inside Delirium 3-D is longer and louder than ever before while the steampunk-influenced RAMPAGE has been enhanced and expanded with even more creatures and carnage.

The ScareHouse® is open on select dates from September 24 through October 31.  Hours are 7pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 7pm to 10pm on all other nights.

Visit www.scarehouse.com for tickets, dates, directions, and more information.

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